Arashi LIVE Tour Popcorn at Kyocera Dome

16 Nov

Well, I wasn’t there to join in the fun :(

This time I’m only getting few of Popcorn goodies too. Fortunately, in my opinion, the goods this time aren’t up to the I-need-to-get-ALL-of-them level. (But the shop photos are crazy nice!! ;A;) I even almost cried looking at the phone strap. It would look like a small pillow hanging from my phone and I’d definitely get stared at from people I would meet at work. Anyways, I won’t be getting it.

Funny story to tell; me and Kiwie, a fellow Arashi fangirl friend, were complaining about the Popcorn goodies and she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to get them (plus she didn’t like the design). So I told her an Arashi DVD is more important than those goodies and she should just save up who knows if Arafes DVD would be released next month or so..


I was watching Skyfall at that time and didn’t check my email, and when I decided to peek into my inbox during the movie, I had the shock of my life at the notification and immediately went to place an order. I practically struggled to secure a copy of the damn LE Arafes DVD at CDJapan for ONE STUPID HOUR because the server kept crashing!!! But happy news, Kiwie and I both got the LE :D Unhappy news, WTF JE, why are you indirectly robbing our wallets every bloody month?????

Anywehhh I saw today’s Popcorn tour song list and I was happy to see Super Fresh and Energy Song included!!! xD I know I was just bitching about Johnny being a scheming thief not even a minute ago, but I honestly can’t wait for the Popcorn DVD…. EHEHEHEHEHEHHEHE /getsbricked.

Oh yeh, I was also actually trying to try watching American Horror Story Season 1 tonight but I’m too scared to watch it alone.. Hence, this post. HOHOHO.

Ciao, mortals! xxxxx

2 Responses to “Arashi LIVE Tour Popcorn at Kyocera Dome”

  1. HisaChan December 1, 2012 at 9:41 PM #

    Good Luck For Your Tomorrow’s JLPT~!! Ganbarou~!!

    • Amyyy December 1, 2012 at 9:58 PM #

      I’m pretty nervous about tomorrow~ It’s my first time and I’m not even prepared.. ;A; Supposed to do some hardcore cramming today but I ended up spending the day either napping or watching Arashi vids.. Arrrgghhh >A<*;

      Anyway, ganbarimasu!!

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