16 Apr


I have been seriously neglecting this page of mine!! xD

*brushes some dust off the page*

Annnnnnyyyyhooo, I’ve returned for a bit! Things in RL, or more specifically — at work, have been quite rough and unkind to me. One point early in the year I was hit with a dilemma which questioned the financial survivability of where I was working due to the orders and demands of them ‘big shots’ up there and their new so-called future company directions which were affecting most lots of us.. I got pretty depressed and deeply unmotivated for a period there with what seemed to me like a bleak future short ahead if it goes the way it was going but thankfully putting my faith in God has allowed me to stay strong and believe in what has been planned by the Almighty. Humans plan their lives but Allah is the best of planner and Alhamdulillah, I have been offered a new job somewhere else last month!! :DD

I am very saddened that I will leave some of my colleagues who have been really kind to me though, but all things in this world will eventually come to an end.. :'( I’m quite nervous about starting at this new place as well but I don’t wanna think about it yet. HEHE.

I’ve also been busy with other things; like on February 1st, my cat Mia gave birth to four beautiful kittens! One died a week later though. So now I have three energetic kittens bouncing around and all over the place and scratching my poor sofa in the living room to a disastrous extent that my mom threatened to give my kittens away… ;A; All in all, my cat family has grown to 8! :DD

Other than that, I still go to sewing class once a week. I’m still working on the same outfit I started in January this month.. LOLL. It’s almost done once I connect them blardeh sleeves :/ I’ve been busy reading books as well, fiction and non-fiction. Now I do alternate reading between two books – after abandoning one other.. Hehe. If you must know, I’m reading the third book of Game of Thrones. Reading one book takes me over a month!! Haha. I also crave travelling but fortunately I am financially challenged to do that.. xD Nevertheless, many other things have been falling nicely into places once more, Alhamdulillah, and that’s what really matters~ :)

Fandom-wise, I’m still into Arashi! Waiting for my Popcorn DVD to arrive next weeeeek and I will probably return here flailing about it. Who knows? xD I also just bought the latest ONE OK ROCK album as well after I got hooked with its single “The Beginning” and after checking out some of their other vids. Gosh, the vocalist has beautiful english pronounciation for a Japanese right there, I am IMPRESSED!! :D Apparently he was an ex-NewS (JE) member but he was kicked out..? :/ Well good that he’s back singing though, albeit in a rock band, cos his voice is so fooooinneeeeee~

Hmmmm.. whut else?

Ohh I’ve started playing this mobile phone game app “Little Empire”! If you’re an Android user and plays it as well, let me knowwwwwwww!! :D I won’t be able to play with iOS users though due to the different servers for these two different OS platform -__-

Haha man I’ve been talking empty but it feels good to be typing here again!

Last but not least, tomorrow’s my birthday! OHOHOHOHOHOHO. My age will shift from the mid-mark of the 20’s. Time to find an Ohno Satoshi for me to marry soon cos my grandma has been nagging me about it!! >.<;


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