Have you guys watched Ironman 3?

29 Apr

I was entertained with Ironman 3 despite having never completed watching Ironman 2 (I tried watching that thrice and kept falling asleep). Well, we went to watch Ironman 3 last Friday with the sibs and I had to stop eating my popcorn when the trailers before the movie have started and told my brother to finish it up “since a guy needs to eat more than a girl should”.. lol. But the excitement was caused more by the fact that I haven’t been in the cinema for quite a while rather than because I was anticipating Ironman 3.. xD

Speaking of popcornnnnnn (yeah, that sentence up there was intentional HAHA) I’ve picked up my DVD Saturday morning! :D Not just that, I’ve got another small package of Arashi collectibles waiting for me at the Post Office as well :)

One from CDJapan (DVD and CDs) and the other from Canada (aaaaall the way from the other part of the world via UN-registered mail ^_^;;)

I got myself the limited edition of Arashi Popcorn DVD and I basically loved the packaging. I haven’t seen the RE of the DVD and now intrigued to know if there’s anyone out there have who have posted pictures of the RE.. :/

Inside the packaging is the DVD box and booklet.

Anyhow the downside of this type of packaging is that it can get quite difficult trying to pry open the flap on top which sometimes could cause a dent at the packaging.. Or is that just me and my complicated relationship with this type of box..? lol. I’ve managed to open this one seamlessly, thank goodness, and have now stored it without putting the top flap back into the box for my future convenience~ xD

When I opened the DVD box with the DVDs inside, I admit that I immediately attempted to pluck off what I assumed was a sticker, on the actual DVD. Turned out that it was actually printed on the DVDs.. Personally I dislike to see the DVDs looking so plain with just only a coloured square with printed words on it giving off a look quite similar to a memo or sticker; cos my fingers just ‘itch’ to scratch it off of the DVD due to habit! Haha.

Anyhow the inside of the box packaging was printed as well as seen in at the bottom of the pic above. How meticulous!

IDK why but I also love the rounded-corner of the booklet! :DD

Picked a photo of Matsujun with a mysterious shiny, glittery object looking “oh-so-Matsujun’s-prop” covering his mouth.. I can only find out what that actually is when I finally watch the concert DVD which probably would on be the first Sunday of May! Hrhr.

Lemme share another picture which amused me as well from the booklet..

Sorry Ohno was cut out of this one! xD

Annnnd that’s all there is for my sneak peek of Arashi DVD! (Not so ‘sneak peek’ I’d bet cos there could be hundreds of pictures of these DVD by now HAHA xDD)

When I was busy unpacking the DVD, my little giant here was asking for some love at my feet..

Hiiiiii Kin!! :-*

Anyway while we’re at it, I thought I’d share a quick pic of the other two CDs that I got.. :)

I have there YUI’s Green Garden Pop LE CD. I honestly haven’t listened to YUI before except for one song but I bought this because I wanted to add something else to increase my online shopping points.. :x There’s another version of YUI’s LE CD which was orange in colour, I think. Can’t remember what’s the difference was though, probably the songs inside?

Thennnnn there’s the other of my another favorite Japanese group, GReeeeN! (Notice that both of my items are ‘green’?? Now THAT’s coincidence! lol). The album has a pretty long name which I think would be helpful for those attempting to finally read a complete Japanese sentence perfectly and get a boost of ego out of it!

FYI, it’s Utautai ga Uta Utai ni Kite Uta Utae to Iu ga Utautai ga Utaudake Utaikireba Uta Utaukeredomo Utautai Dake Uta Utaikirenai Kara Uta Utawanu!?

By the end of this, I saw my two cats have tried and tested the comfort of the box parcel which I left on the floor.. xD

Kin was there momentarily just to lick himself clean, before Sora and all her glory entered the room and took the throne for her nap time.. lol.

Soooo this is the end of this post. I am typing this out before I take a shower and prepare myself to go to work xD Happy Monday to all!


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