Oh, hi 2016!

15 Jan

Gyeaaahhh! I am back dusting spider webs off this poor neglected page of mine. I’m using my workplace’s laptop btw. Yes, I still have not fixed my old laptop nor bought a new one.

All’s good though.

Arashi, hello! *looks at page header*

FYI I am no longer an avid Arashick fan. I have long not watched any Arashi shows. Although I did actually take a look of how Arashi members are like now, out of curiosity, like a week or two ago on Youtube. Man, I forgot how hard it was to watch a legit Arashi PV there; most videos are either covers or modified or edited or cut or so many years old. JE is still being a bitch about sharing the love after all these years?? lol.

Anyhooo, I caught snippets of Arashi’s TV show which apparently was aired some time in mid 2015? That’s quite recent for me as I haven’t been updated with the fandom since 2013-2014. The Arashi topic somewhat popped up when I was talking to my sister and I was wondering how they looked like nowadays.. Have they aged? Do they have some sort of new swanky hair style now?

So I watched the short video of Arashi and I was again convinced that these guys were dipped in the fountain of eternal youth!! They still looked the same like they were 3 years ago hahahaha it’s bloody insane!!!! Ohno is still the confused ‘old man’, Nino still shoots snarky remarks, Aiba’s still the child, the guests still chose Sho as the intelligent one and Matsujun as the dependable one. Nothing has changed! N-O-T-H-I-N-G! They still look the same. They still act the same. And that is all good.

As a person who once loved Arashi with pure sincerity, I wish Arashi to remain go-nin for many more good years to come :)

Moving on now. I’m here cos I missed blogging. Kind of. Work has been meh so I think now I’m looking for an outlet to release my work stress. Personal life update; I’m still not a millionaire. I still have no diamond ring. I’m still the crazy cat lady of my 8 felines. I still haven’t built a time machine. I’m still a travel junkie with insufficient fund and work leave.

Speaking of the latter, I will be flying off to Singapore end of this month for a well-deserved break after a continuous, exhausting work since November 2015. Well my flight was supposed to be today but it had to be postponed due to an (annoying) issue which directly affected the MAIN purpose of why I was flying there in the first place. But let’s keep that to myself first until it’s all sorted out and confirmed, shall we? :) Pray for me that things will go well cos I can’t seem to shrug off my bad luck this year too, hmm.

Can’t wait to share the news! I’m excited about this upcoming thing! It’s like my past experience with lasik surgery all over again or when I got my wisdom tooth extracted. Weird comparisons, I know, but it’s all about spontaneity as well ;)

Will update if there’s good news. Au revoir! xxx

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