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Hello, world!

22 Feb

Hiiiiiiiiiii guys! … or umm, anyone?

I just bought a laptop!!! YES, previous posts on dying laptop from years ago eventually led me to getting a new one last couple of weeks.

Miraculously I managed to login my WP in one try and this message popped up:


Has it really been 7 years or is WP trying to trick me into getting excited so that I would be more active in WP? loll.

Anyway I’ll be back soon. Probably just ranting on nonsense and life whatevers.

Here for Arashi? Sorry to say but I don’t follow Arashi anymore. My Arashi-fangirl phase has gone but I still have tonnes of their merchandise/collections with me. I did get myself their concert DVD (non-LE *gasp*) last year when my sister happened to be in Japan and I couldn’t think of anything for her to get me 😂😂 That was my latest purchase; and I haven’t even watched it yet.

I’m still kinda do fangirl-hopping sometimes but more to Koreans now..? Currently in love with Gong Yoo, thanks to the k-drama Goblin. He’s my type of man!! Let’s see how long this will survive. (Usually lasts a couple of months, max)

See you gaiz soon? Happy #nbd33 to my beloved country tomorrow! 😍🇧ðŸ‡ģ😍🇧ðŸ‡ģ