The (Fan)Girl

My name is Amyyy; sometimes spelled as Emi :) Born on April 17; a 5′ 4″ Aries.

I have an adorable cat named Sora that I adore so much even though she’s always looking down on humans and constantly refusing to socialise with people and other cats. I have also another kitty named Kin, a gift from my dad, and his personality is the complete opposite of Sora’s and is well loved by everyone!  :D I love traveling and amusement parks; and one day, I would love to go bungee jumping and sky diving! :D

You have come across the blog of an avid Arashi fangirl and the little shrine of Arashi collections that I have in my first home is my precious treasure! ♡  My ichiban are Ohno and Sakurai; and my niban are Aiba, Nino and Matsujun. Please don’t make me pick one favorite member cos I just can’t.. Breaks my heart to do so ;~;

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