Arashi LIVE Tour Popcorn at Kyocera Dome

16 Nov

Well, I wasn’t there to join in the fun :(

This time I’m only getting few of Popcorn goodies too. Fortunately, in my opinion, the goods this time aren’t up to the I-need-to-get-ALL-of-them level. (But the shop photos are crazy nice!! ;A;) I even almost cried looking at the phone strap. It would look like a small pillow hanging from my phone and I’d definitely get stared at from people I would meet at work. Anyways, I won’t be getting it.

Funny story to tell; me and Kiwie, a fellow Arashi fangirl friend, were complaining about the Popcorn goodies and she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to get them (plus she didn’t like the design). So I told her an Arashi DVD is more important than those goodies and she should just save up who knows if Arafes DVD would be released next month or so..


I was watching Skyfall at that time and didn’t check my email, and when I decided to peek into my inbox during the movie, I had the shock of my life at the notification and immediately went to place an order. I practically struggled to secure a copy of the damn LE Arafes DVD at CDJapan for ONE STUPID HOUR because the server kept crashing!!! But happy news, Kiwie and I both got the LE :D Unhappy news, WTF JE, why are you indirectly robbing our wallets every bloody month?????

Anywehhh I saw today’s Popcorn tour song list and I was happy to see Super Fresh and Energy Song included!!! xD I know I was just bitching about Johnny being a scheming thief not even a minute ago, but I honestly can’t wait for the Popcorn DVD…. EHEHEHEHEHEHHEHE /getsbricked.

Oh yeh, I was also actually trying to try watching American Horror Story Season 1 tonight but I’m too scared to watch it alone.. Hence, this post. HOHOHO.

Ciao, mortals! xxxxx

Arashi’s “Popcorn” CD

3 Nov

I just managed to find time to unwrap my copy of Arashi’s Popcorn LE CD today :)

arashi popcorn le

My major disappointment was there is not a single picture of Arashi WITHOUT the popcorn head and costume. I didn’t get the RE this time and I know JE always puts the best cover for the RE CD than LE CD to trap fans into getting both; but this time RE and LE photo shoots difference are so wide which I didn’t expect it to go that far!!

Arashi with the popcorn heads are cute, yes; but them in regular clothing for the RE looked so much cooler.. :(

But I was surprised there’s some stickers included in the extra comic booklet about Arashi members as Corn guys from Corn country. The cartoons are cute! :D

As for the songs, I haven’t done with listening to all of them yet. I can say I love the first track “Welcome to our party”! ^^ “Face Down” and “Wild at Heart” are still under my favorite tracks~ I’ve listened to Jun’s solo “We wanna funk, we need a funk” and as I haven’t actually seen the lyrics translation yet, I assume the meaning of ‘funk’ is referring to the music genre. I just learned that apparently ‘funk’ used as a verb means a state of depression, fear or panic.. LOL. So putting the lyrics aside, it’s kinda catchy too IMO. Ohno’s solo kinda disappoint me once again. “two”‘s melody reminded me of “Take Me Faraway” somehow but the song as an entirety is less awesome.. :/ But I’ve listened to them all once so my opinion might change again.

I was about to get to Aiba’s solo but then I had to stop cos I was listening to the CD in my car and I have reached home. xD

Random note, but here’s a picture of my (or Sora’s to be exact) babies; Mia and Zou, 8 months old now. I sometimes call Mia “Princess” since she’s the only female sib out of 3 and she lovesssss when her fur coat is being brushed that she would actually move to your lap and sit there (regardless if you’re a family member or stranger), sometimes turning to her side so you can brush her easily.. SO CUTEEE <3 Zou is slightly bigger than the others and is the noisiest attention-seeker cat! He meows all the time! You look at him, he meows; you stand up, he meows; you sit quietly, he still meows; you burp, he meows. But only around me or my family members, otherwise he's a scaredy cat — no pun intended xD

mia zou


My Arashi Collection (Part IV)

14 Oct

All concentrating on AraFes goodies release :)

AraFes concert goods:


Ura Ara Mania – AraFes Special Compilation Album <3

ura ara mania arafes cd
ura ara mania arashi cd arafes
ura ara mania arafes cd arashi

I’m also finally learning to appreciate mobile app for editing pictures xD Definitely a must for someone who prefers quick way of doing things (a.k.a. lazy) without having to use Photoshop.


Come soon, Arashi’s “Popcorn”~ <3

14 Oct

This seriously magnified my excitement ten times fold. I can’t wait to see this baby flying!! :DD

arashi popcorn jal



30 Sep

New header of Yamaaaaa! :D

My OTP, my bias-pairing <333


Doing this because I don’t wanna start studying yet.

30 Sep

I woke up early today to do some revision but it’s nearly 6PM now and I haven’t even opened my book yet.

Yeah yeah. Call it procrastination. Call it lazy.

So earlier ago, I decided to go through my phone’s photo gallery and finally transferred a few pictures from my trip to Japan. My battery was critically low so I only transferred images of any Arashi-goodies hunt. There wasn’t many of it, just 6 before my phone died. (Too lazy to find my phone charger)

Below are some pamphlet/books that I got. I thought I’d try getting some Arashi doujinshi for the sake of getting something Arashi, haha, so the top are my FIRST two and only Arashi doujinshi that I have in my books collection. I’m quite particular with how pretty the drawings are done and mind you, the books there are plastic-wrapped so I could only choose based on the book cover; and they were hundreds of Arashi doujinshis!! I had my sister helped me when she was free (she was hunting for BBC Sherlock’s doujinshis — which she couldn’t find any).

Top left: Yama doujinshi. Top right: Arashi doujinshi. Bottom: Arashi First Concert 2006 in Taipei pamphlet.

The Arashi pamphlet at the bottom was a double purchase! LOL. I already have that pamphlet but it was in Seoul and the pictures were the same. Since it was plastic-wrapped, I couldn’t flip through the book and simply assumed I haven’t got it although I did remember having such pamphlet at home with the exact cover! It’s the word “Taipei” that got me confused!! Grrr. I will sell it off when I know how cos PayPal doesn’t work for selling in my country.. :/ (I’ve got so many Arashi stuff that I wanna sell off too cos there’s no more spaces in my room, yo. But yet I still keep buying stuff, haha).

Again, since I wanted to get something Arashi in Japan, I ended up buying their old calendars and wristband set from their 2005 ONE concert xD What got me freakin’ excited was when I found the T-shirt from Arashi First Concert 2006 in Seoul!!!! That shit is really hard to find cos I’ve been searching for it for ages!! When I did find it online, it was sold for over a hundred USD and I got it for less than that in Japan, probably 3000-4000 JPY? (I forgot)

There was that one day in Tokyo too when I dragged my sisters around to find the Johnny’s Shop in Harajuku! ^^ After over an hour of searching, we finally found the place (My sister and I had to shop for some clothes just to be able to ‘casually’ talk with the shop attendant to help us locate the J-shop.. LOL). Since we spent so much sweat, time and money (for food and extra clothes previously mentioned) to look for the building, I decided to make the trip worth it and got some shop photos. In the end, it still became more additional money spent for something which was not planned for.. Haha.

arashi shop photos

This last item though is probably the best find I purchased while I was in Japan! <3333






arashi maou g-shock limited edition watch
arashi maou g-shock limited edition watch

Maou Original G-SHOCK Limited Edition Watch!!

I had NOOOOO idea such a thing even exist! I was looking at the ‘showcase’ glass cabinet with Johnny’s items and I actually didn’t realize this item due to my unfamiliarity of it until when the shop assistant opened the glass cabinet for me because I wanted to look at these rare Ohno Satoshi’s 3104 solo concert postcards (which btw was freakin’ over 10,000 JPY for 4 pieces of postcards!! DIES.). As I put the over-priced postcards back to where it was, I noticed this box with a black Casio G-SHOCK watch and mindlessly decided to check it out (since the cabinet was open, why not touch everything, right?).

The moment my fingers touched the box, I noticed the word 魔王 printed on the box. THANK GOD MY SUPER LIMITED JAPANESE KNOWLEDGE WAS ABLE TO RECOGNIZE THE KANJI OF ‘MAOU’ ALL THANKS TO EXCESSIVE MAOU FANGIRLING YEARS AGO!!! I was shocked and asked the shop attendant – with my limited Japanese but again, thanks to Arashi variety shows – whether the watch was real. Hahaha, I don’t know why I asked that; probably because I never knew they had such things.

See why it was easily overlooked? It looked so simple and ordinary.. xD The backlight of the watch though was the red letterings of 魔王. Aaamaouzinggg yo!!!!

ANDDDDDDD that’s basically the things that I got from my trip to Japan! I bought Waku-Waku goodies as well but I didn’t take any pictures of that because it was over midnight when I reached my hotel in Tokyo and was already so damn tired.

Til next time :)


Arashi Popcorn Live Tour

20 Sep

Everyone’s excited about the first day of AraFes and our dearest boys apparently made an announcement during the concert today that either made fangirls screaming in wild excitement and anticipation, or worsen your heart condition (and wallet)

arashi popcorn

I love Arashi and everything but when my twitter was flooded with this announcement about another tour in November, I was like….

AraFes goods has robbed my wallet. I’m trying to save up this month onwards cos I’ll be flying to Jakarta for a vacation mid-December where I’m planning to shop, shop, shop :)

Well now, how would that be possible with new tour goods coming so soon?

And they’re releasing a new album too, which will be on 30th October, and I was all like…

Nevertheless, I’d definitely try my best to get the album!

Back to the Arashi Popcorn tour (they need to explain why they chose this name. I’m super curious xD), tour dates/locations will be as follows:

Kyocera Dome
11/16 : 18:00
11/17 : 18:00
11/18 : 16:00

Sapporo Dome
11/30 : 18:00
12/1 : 18:00
12/2 : 16:00

Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome
12/7 : 18:00
12/8 : 18:00
12/9 : 16:00

Tokyo Dome (It’s been a while!!!)
12/13 : 18:00
12/14 : 18:00
12/15 : 18:00
12/16 : 18:00

Nagoya Dome
2013/1/11 : 18:00
2013/1/12 : 18:00
2013/1/13 : 18:00

Nope, I won’t be going.. Obviously, har har. I love my kidney too much to sell ’em off just for the concert.. Have you gaiz seen the price for an AraFes ticket!?!??!?!?! Freakin’ insaneeeeeeeeee.

On a happier tone, Himitsu no Arashi-chan’s Sharehouse segment will air all 5 of Arashi members for a special episode on 11th Oct!!! :DD The guest is Sanma-san, and don’t worry girls, the guest is a guy.. xD


AraFes goodies!

17 Sep

(Been trying to load WP for the last 15 minutes or so.. Maigahh, what’s up with the blardeh Internet????!)

For Arashi Festival (AraFes) at Kokuritsu this year, fans get to wear the colour of Arashi’s sixth member — Orange! :DD I honestly tend to look orange-r when I wear orange, IDK why, but I don’t remember Arashi has used Orange as for the main colour for their concert tours so it’s cool. I just wish Nino still had his blonde hair cos I’d love to see how he’d look like in an orange t-shirt.. xD

(Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine!!!)

Tote bag!
arashi tote bag

Group poster!
arafes poster

Wrist band!
arafes wrist band
arafes wrist band

Mini towel!

Group jumbo uchiwa!
arafes uchiwa

Badge set!
arafes badge set

Clear file!
clearfile arafes


Hooded towel!


Far view of the goods booth..

I’m not getting the poster this time and now I’m wondering if I made the wrong decision.. They look beautiful~ ;A;
I am a little disappointed with the hooded towel cos it looks dull (maybe it’s the grey) and I can say by far Scene hooded towel (the blue one) is still my fav ^^
The badges are adorbs although I would prefer 2 out of 3 to be pictures rather than texts.. But that’s just my preference haha.
I’m pleased with the thin size of the penlight! I’d love to see how it lights up in real light; whether the colour is just orange or if it changes etc.. I saw comments that some find this item ugly though.. :/
Other than that, the T-shirt is my absolute favorite one among others!!

What is your favorite??? :DDD


Eid 2012! :D

2 Sep

Wishing all Muslims a Happy Eid Mubarak!! :DD I’m not too late, right? We’re still in the month xD

Anyhoooooos, how’s it going? :D


We’re into the end of Week 2 of Eid and I have been busyyyyyyy (yes, it’s a good excuse) stuffing myself with food! I actually gained 3-4kg within this 2 weeks! Haha. I lost that 3-4kg last month from fasting and now I gained them back. I wouldn’t mind that much except all these fats always go to my face first!! (>A<)* Why the eff are the fats not distributed throughout my body properly!??!!? /sobs.

This is probably nothing significant to everyone but we have new kittens a couple of weeks ago! :D They were born the day before Eid. I gotta say, my cat Sora has properly planned out when to give birth. Her first batch of babies (Zou, Udon, Loki (no more, already catnapped gone back to Asgard ;__;) & Mia) were born on 19 February. Her second baby batch was born on 19 August; also four kittens but this time the daddy cat is not known. I’ll probably be giving some away, although this heart is heavy about this idea but I wouldn’t be able to take care of so many of them :'(

Anyways, gotta rush off now to prepare for more Eid invitations! IM LATEE >.>



30 Aug

Happy 29th Birthday to the baby of Arashi!! :D

Here’s a pretty picture of marvelous Junpon flashing a dazzling smile to Ohno-kun (spot those round cheeks!?!!) and hey, see the equally-adorable hamburger hands at the back?? xD


Will update probably soon enough with just stuff about life for the sake of keeping this page alive with prolly dead boring updates xD