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Have you guys watched Ironman 3?

29 Apr

I was entertained with Ironman 3 despite having never completed watching Ironman 2 (I tried watching that thrice and kept falling asleep). Well, we went to watch Ironman 3 last Friday with the sibs and I had to stop eating my popcorn when the trailers before the movie have started and told my brother to finish it up “since a guy needs to eat more than a girl should”.. lol. But the excitement was caused more by the fact that I haven’t been in the cinema for quite a while rather than because I was anticipating Ironman 3.. xD

Speaking of popcornnnnnn (yeah, that sentence up there was intentional HAHA) I’ve picked up my DVD Saturday morning! :D Not just that, I’ve got another small package of Arashi collectibles waiting for me at the Post Office as well :)

One from CDJapan (DVD and CDs) and the other from Canada (aaaaall the way from the other part of the world via UN-registered mail ^_^;;)

I got myself the limited edition of Arashi Popcorn DVD and I basically loved the packaging. I haven’t seen the RE of the DVD and now intrigued to know if there’s anyone out there have who have posted pictures of the RE.. :/
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Bye-bye 2012!

29 Dec

Mayan doomsday; been there, done that.

Hope everyone is well :) My cough which started during my vacation in Bandung, then moving on to Jakarta and finally back to my home country, has entered its second week. It’s definitely not something that I planned to take with me as a souvenir.. :( Well it’s not as bad as it was probably 2-3 days ago now, but then again you never know with me still trying to fight the strong urge to eat chocolates and popcorn here.. My craving for Royce Nama Chocolates is always known to appear at improper timing, like when I’m in the period of not supposed to consume them due to sickness or health control, or when I needed to restrain myself from spending more money due to short-term survival issue (these chocs are priceyy at $15/box >.<).

Must. Stay. Strong!!

I am hereeee to announce to the world that my Arafes DVD has arrived!! :DD Much like everyone else who had ordered 'em, I bet.. xD The DVD was shipped on 25th, arrived at my country on 27th and you know what? When I checked on the EMS tracking website, the status said "Absence. Attempted delivery." and the location was at the POST OFFICE!!! How could there be NOBODY in the freakin' Post Office to collect these deliveries on a WORKING DAY????

Buuuut this 27th Dec was the payday for especially the Government servants and every December's payday is also "Bonus Day" whereby the annual financial incentives are also released so I thought everyone was prolly out of their office to stand in the long queue at the ATM machines and banks nationwide. I don't have Bonus Day this month unfortunately as our Bonus Day is in May. We people who don't celebrate Bonus Day, especially single ones like me hoho, tend to stay in their houses until these shopping and spending craze outside calms down ^_^;

Back to Arafes DVD, can I say that I loveeeee the packaging of it?? Pictures that I took are stitched below :)

The Arafes DVD LE is packed like a gift box instead of just the usual DVD case! When you open it, then you’ll get the DVD case and the booklet under it. I almost overlooked the booklet because it was plain orange if you only merely glance at it unless you happen to stand under a light. The front book cover is transparent-like (there’s a word for it but I forgot what it is but it’s like Pic 3 above xD). I’m happy to say that the booklet is pretty thick, with lyrics included and pictures of the boys from the concert but the book binding would make scanning a pain (at least for me who lacks patience, hehe).

Although it’s the weekend, I’m actually on stand-by today in case my engineer needs me for work :( Soooo I guess I can only watch the DVD on Tuesday during New Year public holiday. Hopefully…. :s


So I guess this post pretty much just talked about nothing of anyone’s interest and that my Arafes DVD is here. HAHAHA.

Well before I go, let me share a couple of pics (among others) that made me happy this month~ :D

My mom bought this for me when in Jakarta! :D My palms were glued to the glass display when I saw these bookset but I was broke then so my mom said she’d pay this for me instead (prolly because she feared I would moan and sob endlessly at night and days to come for regretting not getting these babies — which could have been true! xD). MOTHERS ARE THE BEST!! <33 I LOVEEEE GAME OF THRONESSS! I've watched the HBO series and loved it sfm!! I found out about the books but never seen it anywhere before so when I saw these books then — and the complete set some more, I nearly cried of joy ;___;

This was today! :D I went into my favorite shoe boutique this morning to check out some flats and while waiting for the nice shop assistant to bring out my shoe choice of my size, I saw this bag and fell in loveeee with it. It doesn’t look outstanding but you know what they say, “love is blind” :P This is probably my second favorite bag after my other bag that’s shaped like a treasure chest which I bought in Japan few months back ^^ I have tonnes of bags though, I have this bad habit of buying bags regardless of whether I actually need them. If I were broke then, I’d take out my credit card without hesitating. See, that’s bad :/

Now to end this ’empty’ post content-wise, I’d just like to thank everyone whom I’ve prolly wasted their time for making them read posts about my life by prolly fooling them into thinking “Ah, an Arashi post!”. LOLL. Bigger thanks to those who’d still visit my page nevertheless! :D I’m talking like I’ve won an award here haha but I’m in a good mood now because there are some strangers who’ve lifted my mood today with their kind gestures and kind words :)) I said thank you then, and I’m saying thank you now.

Happy New Year, guys! Hope the new year will be a better one :))


Arashi’s “Popcorn” CD

3 Nov

I just managed to find time to unwrap my copy of Arashi’s Popcorn LE CD today :)

arashi popcorn le

My major disappointment was there is not a single picture of Arashi WITHOUT the popcorn head and costume. I didn’t get the RE this time and I know JE always puts the best cover for the RE CD than LE CD to trap fans into getting both; but this time RE and LE photo shoots difference are so wide which I didn’t expect it to go that far!!

Arashi with the popcorn heads are cute, yes; but them in regular clothing for the RE looked so much cooler.. :(

But I was surprised there’s some stickers included in the extra comic booklet about Arashi members as Corn guys from Corn country. The cartoons are cute! :D

As for the songs, I haven’t done with listening to all of them yet. I can say I love the first track “Welcome to our party”! ^^ “Face Down” and “Wild at Heart” are still under my favorite tracks~ I’ve listened to Jun’s solo “We wanna funk, we need a funk” and as I haven’t actually seen the lyrics translation yet, I assume the meaning of ‘funk’ is referring to the music genre. I just learned that apparently ‘funk’ used as a verb means a state of depression, fear or panic.. LOL. So putting the lyrics aside, it’s kinda catchy too IMO. Ohno’s solo kinda disappoint me once again. “two”‘s melody reminded me of “Take Me Faraway” somehow but the song as an entirety is less awesome.. :/ But I’ve listened to them all once so my opinion might change again.

I was about to get to Aiba’s solo but then I had to stop cos I was listening to the CD in my car and I have reached home. xD

Random note, but here’s a picture of my (or Sora’s to be exact) babies; Mia and Zou, 8 months old now. I sometimes call Mia “Princess” since she’s the only female sib out of 3 and she lovesssss when her fur coat is being brushed that she would actually move to your lap and sit there (regardless if you’re a family member or stranger), sometimes turning to her side so you can brush her easily.. SO CUTEEE <3 Zou is slightly bigger than the others and is the noisiest attention-seeker cat! He meows all the time! You look at him, he meows; you stand up, he meows; you sit quietly, he still meows; you burp, he meows. But only around me or my family members, otherwise he's a scaredy cat — no pun intended xD

mia zou


My Arashi Collection (Part IV)

14 Oct

All concentrating on AraFes goodies release :)

AraFes concert goods:


Ura Ara Mania – AraFes Special Compilation Album <3

ura ara mania arafes cd
ura ara mania arashi cd arafes
ura ara mania arafes cd arashi

I’m also finally learning to appreciate mobile app for editing pictures xD Definitely a must for someone who prefers quick way of doing things (a.k.a. lazy) without having to use Photoshop.


Doing this because I don’t wanna start studying yet.

30 Sep

I woke up early today to do some revision but it’s nearly 6PM now and I haven’t even opened my book yet.

Yeah yeah. Call it procrastination. Call it lazy.

So earlier ago, I decided to go through my phone’s photo gallery and finally transferred a few pictures from my trip to Japan. My battery was critically low so I only transferred images of any Arashi-goodies hunt. There wasn’t many of it, just 6 before my phone died. (Too lazy to find my phone charger)

Below are some pamphlet/books that I got. I thought I’d try getting some Arashi doujinshi for the sake of getting something Arashi, haha, so the top are my FIRST two and only Arashi doujinshi that I have in my books collection. I’m quite particular with how pretty the drawings are done and mind you, the books there are plastic-wrapped so I could only choose based on the book cover; and they were hundreds of Arashi doujinshis!! I had my sister helped me when she was free (she was hunting for BBC Sherlock’s doujinshis — which she couldn’t find any).

Top left: Yama doujinshi. Top right: Arashi doujinshi. Bottom: Arashi First Concert 2006 in Taipei pamphlet.

The Arashi pamphlet at the bottom was a double purchase! LOL. I already have that pamphlet but it was in Seoul and the pictures were the same. Since it was plastic-wrapped, I couldn’t flip through the book and simply assumed I haven’t got it although I did remember having such pamphlet at home with the exact cover! It’s the word “Taipei” that got me confused!! Grrr. I will sell it off when I know how cos PayPal doesn’t work for selling in my country.. :/ (I’ve got so many Arashi stuff that I wanna sell off too cos there’s no more spaces in my room, yo. But yet I still keep buying stuff, haha).

Again, since I wanted to get something Arashi in Japan, I ended up buying their old calendars and wristband set from their 2005 ONE concert xD What got me freakin’ excited was when I found the T-shirt from Arashi First Concert 2006 in Seoul!!!! That shit is really hard to find cos I’ve been searching for it for ages!! When I did find it online, it was sold for over a hundred USD and I got it for less than that in Japan, probably 3000-4000 JPY? (I forgot)

There was that one day in Tokyo too when I dragged my sisters around to find the Johnny’s Shop in Harajuku! ^^ After over an hour of searching, we finally found the place (My sister and I had to shop for some clothes just to be able to ‘casually’ talk with the shop attendant to help us locate the J-shop.. LOL). Since we spent so much sweat, time and money (for food and extra clothes previously mentioned) to look for the building, I decided to make the trip worth it and got some shop photos. In the end, it still became more additional money spent for something which was not planned for.. Haha.

arashi shop photos

This last item though is probably the best find I purchased while I was in Japan! <3333






arashi maou g-shock limited edition watch
arashi maou g-shock limited edition watch

Maou Original G-SHOCK Limited Edition Watch!!

I had NOOOOO idea such a thing even exist! I was looking at the ‘showcase’ glass cabinet with Johnny’s items and I actually didn’t realize this item due to my unfamiliarity of it until when the shop assistant opened the glass cabinet for me because I wanted to look at these rare Ohno Satoshi’s 3104 solo concert postcards (which btw was freakin’ over 10,000 JPY for 4 pieces of postcards!! DIES.). As I put the over-priced postcards back to where it was, I noticed this box with a black Casio G-SHOCK watch and mindlessly decided to check it out (since the cabinet was open, why not touch everything, right?).

The moment my fingers touched the box, I noticed the word 魔王 printed on the box. THANK GOD MY SUPER LIMITED JAPANESE KNOWLEDGE WAS ABLE TO RECOGNIZE THE KANJI OF ‘MAOU’ ALL THANKS TO EXCESSIVE MAOU FANGIRLING YEARS AGO!!! I was shocked and asked the shop attendant – with my limited Japanese but again, thanks to Arashi variety shows – whether the watch was real. Hahaha, I don’t know why I asked that; probably because I never knew they had such things.

See why it was easily overlooked? It looked so simple and ordinary.. xD The backlight of the watch though was the red letterings of 魔王. Aaamaouzinggg yo!!!!

ANDDDDDDD that’s basically the things that I got from my trip to Japan! I bought Waku-Waku goodies as well but I didn’t take any pictures of that because it was over midnight when I reached my hotel in Tokyo and was already so damn tired.

Til next time :)


Your Eyes, Moon Child.

24 Jun

arashi your eyes

These arrived two weeks ago and I just collected them from the post office today xD

I forgot I bought a DVD called “Moon Child” starring Gackt, Hyde and LeeHom. I think I purchased this because CDJapan said if I added another so-so amount, I could get so-so free points. LOL.

Since it was English subbed (IT BETTER BE!) and was on sale, I decided to get it :) I was planning to watch this tomorrow since I’m home alone until tomorrow night but I wanted to know what this story was about so I wiki-ed Moon Child to read the story synopsis.

Well instead of the synopsis, I ended up reading the summary of the whole movie in Wikipedia..! WTF right? I know I should’ve stopped but I couldn’t.. SIGHHHH.

And I never thought I’d say this but being home alone is tough~

Earlier tonight, before I turned off all the lights, I found out that the long PVC pipe to secure the lock of my balcony door was not around and noticed it was outside on the balcony! I hate going to the balcony at night due to the usual sight of house lizards outside. /COLDSHIVERS. Sora, on the other hand, is always excited about going outside on the balcony because she loves hunting for said reptiles…

Anyways, on the ceiling right above the PVC pipe, was TWO fat lizards. I managed to grab hold of the pipe but I couldn’t close the door yet because Sora wouldn’t budge AT ALL when she noticed the lizards!! Hoping that she’d follow me inside, I tried to scare the lizards away by hitting the wall/ceiling until the lizards would escape to the outer wall and out of sight. One did so but unfortunately the other didn’t. I must have hit the ceiling too hard cos it fell right off the ceiling and Sora immediately pounced on it!! Next thing I know, Sora had the lizard in her mouth and was happily walking back into the house..


I hate lizards from the bottom of my heart. I don’t like them around me and I never want to even deal with it – dead or alive. I saw the decapitated tail on my stairs a while ago. I called up my dad to report to him about this ‘crisis’ (yes, I’m a Daddy’s girl) and he told me to sweep the now-dead lizard into the dustpan and throw it outside. Easier said than done cos just the idea made me CRINGEEEE, okay. Anyway I thought I’d deal with it tomorrow morning since I have NO FREAKING IDEA where Sora and Kin had brought the dead lizard to to play with.. (URGHH!)

Then I remembered I left my house key and main gate key in the kitchen downstairs! Yeah, FML.. I was supposed to take them with me in my bedroom. So, with heavy steps, I mustered enough courage to go down the stairs and saw my two beloved felines, WITH A DEAD LIZARD OH MY GOD! – near the front main entrance door looking at me with big eyes. I immediately went into the kitchen and realised, “Hey, since I have the front house key now, maybe I can get rid of the disgusting thing now instead of wait tomorrow morning? :D”. I opened the kitchen’s back door to take the broom and dustpan and found out they were stored OUTSIDE THE LOCKED GATE-DOOR!! *A* Since the probability of more lizards outside scared me off, I decided to go back inside, ignore my cats OTW and quickly ran upstairs into my bedroom. Fcuk it, I’ll deal with the dead reptile tomorrow.

I heard Kin’s collar bell outside my door room a while ago, probably coming up thinking he could sleep with me tonight, but the thought of its big paws already touching the dead lizard, or probably the dreadful thing between his mouth right then (!!!), had forced me to make the hard decision to toughen up this heart and not let my precious Kin into my room to sleep with me tonight.

I’m sorry, baby, I hope you’ll understand.. ;_____;

Yeah, and I just posted a story of 30-minute of my night too.. LOL.

Wish me luck for tomorrow! :S


Arashi Beautiful World DVD (Regular Edition)

27 May

I spent the morning til midday watching the Arashi BW concert DVD. What a blissful, relaxing Sunday so far :)

Anyway I took some shots of my unboxed BW regular edition DVD. I was first greeted by the Disc 1 being placed with the shiny part up when I opened the box. I guess that’s because the front DVD cover is partially transparent at the top so from outside, you can see the printed part of the DVD instead.

arashi beautiful world dvd

Then you have the Disc 2 and the DVD booklet :)

arashi beautiful world dvd booklet

The booklet for the regular edition DVD is only two page — or one page folded in half — however you’d like to see it.

arashi beautiful world booklet
Outside / Front & Back cover

arashi beautiful world booklet

There isn’t many pictures in the booklet like its LE version, however the RE has a foldout or poster! :D

arashi beautiful world booklet poster
Side A

arashi beautiful world booklet poster
Side B

Ahh, Johnny-san really knows how to make indecisive fangirls spend more, eh?

Maybe it’s just me and my expectations but there doesn’t seem to be many songs from Beautiful World album being performed.. :/ Anyhoo, I loved Nino’s solo and yayyyy, 「僕が僕のすべて」 which is one of my favorite coupling songs was finally included!! :D


FACE DOWN CDs and Beautiful World DVDs

26 May

They are finally here ;____;

arashi beautiful world dvd face down cd cover
RE on the left and LE on the right

In my excitement, I accidentally bought both version of the BW DVDs and also have them all shipped together when I was making the order, hence my FD singles have just finally landed here.. No worries about that though. I mean the latter.

This morning I decided to look at Face Down photo shops. Oh goodness, I shouldn’t have.. >A<; I’m off to my sewing class in a bit so hopefully the temptation to get the 50 pieces of the photos will go away when I reach home. Gosh, I really need to save up!!

The things that pretty much will eat my wallet are:

a) new mobile phone (I’m eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s gonna be over $1,000..! D: I need to replace my slow, cheap phone which has been acting up like a brat. And if I do get that S3 phone, then I’d be breaching my belief of any mobile phone over $700 is not worth buying.. But GDI, S3 looks so foine~ :Q)

b) a sewing machine (I put aside $1,000 for this. I checked out the price online and it’s about US$250 or less, but then again when I called up the nearest reseller which was in Miri, they never have that model (yet). I want no other model so I might ask the reseller to ship in that model for me so now I’m not sure how much it would be.. :/ I NEED A SEWING MACHINE! I LOVE SEWING!! ;A;)

c) Japan trip in July (Rail pass and accommodation haven’t been booked yet. OH. MY. GOD.)

Hmm, definitely no room for FD photo shops in my wallet.


Arashi Wild At Heart CDs & Kaibutsu-kun toys! :D

9 Mar

I managed to sneak out from the office yesterday to collect these babies~

My Wild At Heart CDs have finally arrived! Gotta love CDJapan and EMS~ <3

arashi wild at heart

arashi back cover wild at heart

I notice that it’s rare to see Matsujun wearing ‘Aiba-length’ pants.. And it’s somehow always funny for me to see Sho-kun wearing those type of pants, IDK why, although this time for the CD cover it doesn’t look that bad.. Probably he’s in suit and all. Sho-kun always looks hot in those! xD Now back to Matsujun, I wonder if he’s got really hairy legs haha. Remember he was the only one who wasn’t in skirt during Sho-kun’s surprise birthday celebration last concert ;) Also don’t forget Jun’s infamous thick eyebrows~ But super-hairy legs or not, Jun needs to have those hair on his head cut short again! xD (I can’t help bringing it up cos I miss Jun’s short hairrr~)

Now, these other babies got me the most excited when I collected my packages yesterday: the Kaibutsu-kun dot toys! ALL FOUR OF THEMM :DDD

kaibutsu-kun dot toys

I’m so glad I found a lovely seller who was kind enough to get these complete set of four for me! She’s located all the way in USA so I was kinda anxious about getting my stuff shipped from there.. :S (I lost my package from US once) Now over a month later, it has finally arrived! :D Phewww~!

Anyway, I tried playing with Franken toy first yesterday when I got home from work.

franken kaibutsu-kun dot toys
These are what inside the box.

I guess it kinda looks like Lego but for this you don’t pile them on each other. There’s a board that acts like the canvas where you take the small pins and create a drawing, not just of Kaibutsu-kun or his friends, but you can do others as well like an apple, for example if you’re creative enough! :)

It’s pretty easy to take them off the board too. You just push the pins from the back of the board instead of trying to pull the pins from the front. Otherwise you’d also risk damaging the pins and your nails :/

And here’s the end result!

franken kaibutsu-kun
Franken, why so cuteee!! :DD

Because I was sick yesterday (still am rn but not as bad as yesterday), I ended up falling asleep right after that so I didn’t get to do the others yet.. :/

Anyway, Sora’s babies are all big(ger) now!! <33 Still no idea what their gender are but nevertheless, me and my sister have decided on some names (although again it depends on the gender). I guess we’d have to wait a little longer..

Sora the Mama still hides her babies in an empty container under the stairs behind lots of other boxes despite these adorable creatures are about to turn 4-week old this Sunday. Can’t wait for them to be able to see clearly and walk properly (they still have unsteady legs) so I can play with them ^^


Arashi Beautiful World tour (Part II)

11 Dec

Here’s a continuation to my Beautiful World tour goodies found in this short post — FINALLY! I’ve kept delaying this for over 3 months now >.<; Other than that, there's also bits of Arashi no Waku Waku Gakkou event goodies included ^^

I must apologise too but I'm watching Arashi's Scene Dome tour DVD atm (cos I actually haven't watched the Dome version.. /runs) so from here onwards, let the pictures do the talking while I keep my hand busy waving my uchiwa xD

arashi beautiful world folder
arashi beautiful world pen set
arashi beautiful world uchiwa
arashi beautiful world mini uchiwa front
arashi beautiful world mini uchiwa back
arashi beautiful world pamphlet
arashi beautiful world and waku waku gakkou
arashi waku waku gakkou notebook front
arashi waku waku gakkou notebook 5-coloured pages

Urm and I just realised that I didn’t take pictures of the posters.. >.<; Ah well.