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29 Jun


Half a year gone and I’m just finally about to post something. Hehe. Remember about my dead laptop? I tried to reformat it after SO long yesterday and succeeded! I danced my happy dance but slow Internet is still slow. Today, I went once my laptop again and got the blue screen of death – thriceee! I’m convinced that something is wrong – hardware-wise – but I’m not bothered to send it for fixing yet.

Anyways, happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak to all Muslims worldwide! Let’s take this opportunity to strive to become a better Muslim in this month of mercy.

Let’s chat for a bit now, shall we? :)

I’m here to announce that my page won’t be as Arashi-centric as it used to be any longer. Would you believe that I haven’t watched any Arashi show since November 2013?? Yep, thanks to my work (I did mention that I got a new job last year, right?). I, however, got swept away by the hallyu wave or whatever its called from watching Running Man last year’s December.

That’s right! I’m finally watching Running Man – and was I addicted! Definitely some stress-zapper!

Then last Feb 2014, I fractured my pinky finger from a stupid activity that I had to go to appointed by my boss. Good thing was I was given 45 days off from work because of my injury!! :DDDD The last time I had any sort of leave for rest/vacation was in December 2012. I worked my ass off throughout 2013 (boohoo) and 2014’s February, I finally had a LONGGGGGG deserving break, albeit it was actually medical leave. HEHE. I got two metal pins drilled into my finger because the bone was snapped in half yo. Fun times in the emergency operation room.

Had my FIRST vacation after almost 1.5 years to Melbourne! T’was right after my birthday in April. I missed traveling ;__;

Anyhooo, back to Arashi, I’ve stopped purchasing their singles and merchandise (The last one was from LOVE tour). I still got their album and DVDs cos I’d like to think that I’m still loyal to them hehe.

New love, Park YooChun. Pretty man, I tell ya, but my sis said he looks like Sho-kun. Haha.

Forgive me for hotlinking but my useless laptop has no image editing program nao besides Paint ;_;

Well now, I’m not sure what’s my page gonna end up as but I try to update whenever I could though I think it’s gonna be even more boring now.. LOLL.

Ciao ciao! xxx