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My first JLPT experience flashback

31 Jan

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but last year I decided to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) for the first time. It’s held at our country once a year, every December. I registered for the JLPT in September 2012 sort of spontaneously; the same kind of spontaneity like when I realised how I ended up in an operating table a few years ago for Lasik surgery.. Lol!

Let me tell you a story of my first JLPT exam whether you’d like to read it or not.. HEHE xD
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Arashi Popcorn Live Tour

20 Sep

Everyone’s excited about the first day of AraFes and our dearest boys apparently made an announcement during the concert today that either made fangirls screaming in wild excitement and anticipation, or worsen your heart condition (and wallet)

arashi popcorn

I love Arashi and everything but when my twitter was flooded with this announcement about another tour in November, I was like….

AraFes goods has robbed my wallet. I’m trying to save up this month onwards cos I’ll be flying to Jakarta for a vacation mid-December where I’m planning to shop, shop, shop :)

Well now, how would that be possible with new tour goods coming so soon?

And they’re releasing a new album too, which will be on 30th October, and I was all like…

Nevertheless, I’d definitely try my best to get the album!

Back to the Arashi Popcorn tour (they need to explain why they chose this name. I’m super curious xD), tour dates/locations will be as follows:

Kyocera Dome
11/16 : 18:00
11/17 : 18:00
11/18 : 16:00

Sapporo Dome
11/30 : 18:00
12/1 : 18:00
12/2 : 16:00

Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome
12/7 : 18:00
12/8 : 18:00
12/9 : 16:00

Tokyo Dome (It’s been a while!!!)
12/13 : 18:00
12/14 : 18:00
12/15 : 18:00
12/16 : 18:00

Nagoya Dome
2013/1/11 : 18:00
2013/1/12 : 18:00
2013/1/13 : 18:00

Nope, I won’t be going.. Obviously, har har. I love my kidney too much to sell ’em off just for the concert.. Have you gaiz seen the price for an AraFes ticket!?!??!?!?! Freakin’ insaneeeeeeeeee.

On a happier tone, Himitsu no Arashi-chan’s Sharehouse segment will air all 5 of Arashi members for a special episode on 11th Oct!!! :DD The guest is Sanma-san, and don’t worry girls, the guest is a guy.. xD


Happy Ramadan to all Muslim brothers and sisters!

22 Jul

It’s almost a week now since I left Japan and I haven’t updated much yet about my trip.. ^^;

I bought some books in Japan and three more when I was in LCCT, Kuala Lumpur waiting for my flight back home. So I’ve been spending pretty much of my time after reaching home unpacking (I hate packing and unpacking), being bitter for the next few days because I had to be back to work and reading the books I got. I also was devastated upon knowing that my beloved kitten, Loki, the one everyone adored, was missing for a week then (but my parents kept the news away from me so it wouldn’t spoil my vacation). Most likely Loki was taken by someone, knowing that Loki is the only kitten that is not scared of strangers.. Man, I cried my eyeballs out. Now the remaining three of Loki’s siblings seemed so much more precious to me now that one has gone.. ;____;

I also am missing Japan already. We landed at Kuala Lumpur from Japan and I received some rude treatment from the cleaners/employees of LCCT the minute I arrived there! -___-* You won’t get bitchy customer service in Japan~ (well I didn’t get any during my stay, anyway.)

Aside from that, I’m freaking scared to check my online banking rn to see how much I’ve spent my credit card in Japan.. /sweats. It doesn’t make it any better now that a few minutes ago it seems like the pre-orders for AraFes has started!!! >A<; Seems like there's gonna be an Arashi Festival this September with only the audience AND Arashi members only – no Johnny's Jrs involved. But looking back at the size of Kokuritsu and the number of people it can accommodate (i.e. 70,000?), I'm sure it's hard trying to get the boys' attention… At least during the previous concerts, you had some Jrs to dance along with.. lol.

I have made my song requests via Johnny's mobile site http://johnnys-web.com and I'm especially excited to see what Side-B songs will be performed!! I hope they'd do Tokei Jikake no Umbrella!!!!!!!!!!11!

Will be back for update once I have time, i.e. finished my book. :)


WTFFF Face Down PV Preview!!

20 Apr

I have no idea how the PV is like actually cos I’m still waiting for the PV preview vid to finish downloading.

I’m looking at the download status rn and it says it’ll take about an hour to finish. Can you believe it!??! One hour to download a 30MB video!?!?!?!?! IT’S SO SLOWWW THAT I COULD PROLLY FINISH KNITTING A FREAKIN’ SWEATERRR BEFORE THE VID DOWNLOAD IS EVEN DONE!!!

It’s gonna take me another day just to finish downloading the Mikeneko episode.. -___- And I haven’t started on Kagiheya yet. Oh, the sadness.

Alrighty, 35 minutes left for the short PV preview. Oh goodness, please give me the patience… T^T




Arashi new pre-orders! :D

29 Mar

Finally, ARASHI LIVE TOUR Beautiful World DVD pre-order is opened! I’ve booked mine from CDJapan as I love their service :D I thought the BW concert DVD would never come, just like DAL tour.. :S Unfortunately, the BW concert isn’t going to be of the last day where they celebrated Sho-kun’s birthday but hope is still there because the third disc has special footage!!

“Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill”. Man, I was just listening this song from Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey less than 24 hours ago!! Who knew the lyric in there is applicable to the current situation.. LOLL.

At the same time, there’s also Arashi’s new single coming out, “Face Down”. Okay, now that I just typed out the single title here, it somehow also just dragged down the mood of my previous paragraph about being positive.. lol. Or maybe it’s just me. Secured my order for that one too! :DD

My wallet is definitely crying because I’d be spending more cash soon as I’m planning to neuter my male cat, Kin, now that dear Sora has adorable babies. Kin is such an adorable cat really, with big dark eyes, but he sprays a lot when he’s trying to ‘mark’ his territories even in the house so I’m trying to save my sofas here from future costly cleaning costs.. T_T

Besides my wallet, my heart is also weeping rn.. Moments ago I just realized that I could not find my phone!!! My memory can’t be depended 100% but the last thing I remembered was replying to my colleague’s WhatsApp message in my sister’s car after a sushi dinner-out with my siblings. Well after the dinner, my sister dropped me and my brother at my house (the 2nd home) and the rest of them drove home to our hometown (1st home), so I assumed I left my phone in my sister’s car. I asked my brother who’s staying with me to try calling my phone to confirm that it’s not ringing in the house, so we called home to ask our sibling to check my sister’s car. Guess what? They couldn’t find it either. And it’s also not in my house so where the fuck is it???? DID I LEAVE IT AT THE SUSHI PLACE??? BUT I SWEARRR I WAS REPLYING TO MY FRIEND’S TEXT IN THE CAR AFTER DINNER!! Or did my mind tricked me and it was actually BEFORE dinner.. so there’s a chance that I did left it at the sushi place cos I also took out my phone there while waiting for our food…

OH NO!! D’:

Honestly, I don’t care much about my phone. In fact, I had to restart my phone a few times today because the wi-fi and 3g weren’t working! But it breaks my heart SO fucking much when I think about the possibility of me losing the hundreds precious pictures of my favorite people, things and cats in my phone ;___; There’s like 30% of my cat pictures in there though, lol, but they’re still precious! And I usually take pictures of any interesting happening around me so I kinda have my picture ‘diary’ in the photo gallery. And I’ve got pictures of my family too which I sometimes look at when I feel homesick… :(

There’s also my WhatsApp messages I’m worried about! So many confidential work shits being discussed in there yo :S

It’s pretty late now so I hope I can try tracking it again tomorrow? I hope I can locate it.. I really, REALLY do not want to lose all those precious pictures in the phone. And no, I do not have any nude pictures so that’s not why I’m so concerned about losing my phone. And new phone will cost me extra hundreds which I DO NOT WANT to fork out right now!!!! I need to save up :(

Such a great day overall today, then this shit happen. I hope I just misplaced my phone somewhere in my house or sister’s car. I definitely will appreciate my creaky old phone more should I were able to recover it, I promise.


ARASHI 10-11 Scene Tour – DOME DVD & ARASHI Album “Beautiful World”

9 May

They’re coming out in June and July respectively and I feel like crying happy tears. It made me realised how much I really, really love this group of guys.. ;__; <3



I am dead broke but do I look like I care? Nope, obviously not! xD I’ve secured my pre-orders now and I’m gonna start feeding on tree barks and leaves starting tomorrow onwards until my package of DVDs + album arrives~ <3

Facebook: Is this real or is it a fantasy!?

3 Apr

I don’t go on Facebook that much so I was surprised to see this (image below) on Mr Sinann Cheah‘s wall today when I was stalking through his FB *cough* for more of his latest cartoons as I have missed a lot of the cartoons in the Borneo Bulletin nowadays due to work and vacation last month.. :(

I had to scroll back up to see if I had read that line correctly..! And when I realised it really was my blog, my first reaction was:


I thought I had unconsciously self-promoted the blog link on Mr Cheah’s wall in my sleep or something because I really didn’t remember doing it while I was awake. But when I realised it wasn’t made by me but Mr Sinann Cheah himself, my second reaction went pretty much like these…:

Typical reactions of a fangirl, huh? LOLL.

So…. :)

Dear Mr S.C., thank you so much for putting the link to my humble blog up in your FB~! (#^.^#) I’m sorry there’s not much for your many fans to read about your amazing work from that post I made, but thank you anyway because it made my day.. (*^▽^*)

Best regards,

I was gonna post about my Korea trip but after this amazing discovery on FB, I guess that has to wait a little bit longer.. loll xD


Pray for the World

11 Mar

I read the news around half an hour after the first big Earthquake hit Japan today. I saw pictures, and I was watching the news live from streaming videos ever since I got back from work.

Not only Japan, neighbouring countries are/will also be affected by the incoming tsunamis as a result of the earthquake as warned.

I am praying for the World.

Fuck those twats who are only concerned about their idols and sit back & relax once they knew their biases were safe and those who have been complaining about flooding their fb/twitter/tumblr with these “Japan quake and tsunami shits”. Fuck you.

RL Declaration?

16 Feb

I suddenly remembered the past, back during the final days of our third year in Uni. It was really, really late at night, and it was probably cold too although it was supposed to be summer but knowing UK weather, summer is just a word.. It was probably some time in June or July, just weeks away from our graduation day.

Filah was about to go home to Brunei and she was sad that we wouldn’t be together the next academic year when she returned to UK for her fourth year because unlike her who’s doing her Masters and would be there for 4 years, we would all be be over with our Degree and graduate soon. Her taxi came for her three-hour ride to London, and we were hugging and saying our goodbyes, probably shedding some tears too.. Although we could still meet up in Brunei but still, we had spent 3 years together and the next year we wouldn’t be around, so it still felt like a goodbye.. Filah was hugging Azimah I think, or was it Nida Ul? Saying “I love you~” and I was close by to my two friends watching them hugging and I suddenly overcame with emotions and went to suddenly hug them both, crying “I love you guys too!!”

My other friends laughed at my reaction. I guess that made the mood brightened a little so that was good. We waved Filah goodbye until her taxi was no longer in sight before the whole group of us, my Uni friends, set off to walk away to spend another night together…

Why I am even talking about this? I guess I really miss my Uni friends.. They have helped me go through the tough times back when I was in Uni. I was constantly sick, stressed and very, very depressed; and when I think back of those times, I always feel appreciate for them sticking by my side and taking care of me.

They are part of the reason why I am a stronger person today and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much.

Waney, Aro, Nida Ul, Zatz, Azimah, Filah, Ayu, Majj, Shukri, Renee; May Allah return your kind deeds a thousand times more. Amin.

I’ll be updating some time this week :) I hope I’ll find the time to rant some more! xxx


31 Jan


I’m sooooo exhausted from working overtime for weeks now.. I can’t wait for February where I hope things will slow down a little.. I have decided to take NINE DAMN DAYS OFF this mid-Feb! I’ll spend those days rolling around in bed and rot..

Good thing about working for this event though (which ended less than 3 hours ago) is that, I found my new crush! :D

Can I talk about my little love story here, please!!? :DD

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