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2 Jun

Me loves loves lovessss Endless Game!! Noticeably, based on the post topic above, especially at the part that goes “Warning, warning, warning, warning”. LOLL

Have you gaiz watched Arashi’s performance in MS? Sho-kun and his bangsss. Aiba-kun and his shiny shoes. Junpon needs a new haircut just because I love him more with shorter hair haha. Nino-kun wearing just a normal T-shirt underneath the blazer, why whyyyy. Annnnd lastly there’s Mr Ohno Satoshi and his perfection in singing and dancing, stealing my heart all over again. Srsly how could you find a RL boyfriend when Arashi exists??? ;___; I’d make some gifs of it if I could but my laptop is dead now and I’m using my sister’s laptop atm and she has no PS.

Unfortunately though, this time around I didn’t get the “Endless Game” CDs :( I have broken my continuous record of getting every single’s CD since “Believe” in 2009! :(( Truthfully, I missed the pre-order for EG last time and 6 hours later when I remembered to check the site, the pre-order has closed. So I took it as a “its-not-meant-to-be” thingy hahaha. But there’s also the truer truth…. I was broke. LOLL. I’d rather eat junk food in the past just to have extra money for my fandom but this time around, my real life has caught up to me telling me there’s nooooooooo way my Arashi stuff would be able to pay for my daily expenses now. I have a house to pay, bills to pay, cats to feed, more mouths to feed (my sibs and aunt staying with me atm), clothes to buy, shoes to get, food to eat, friends and family to treat, make-up…. Gosh!! I’m just starting to use proper make-up now because my new job demands me to look good when meeting people and I have noooo idea how to put on makeup!!!

Can I talk about make-up today? Please let me.

At this stage, I wonder how the heck do people managed to paint their faces and look SOOO pretty??? The moment I dab some eyeshadow on my lids, I end up looking like I’ve smashed some color pallets on my eyes area.. Why so devastating, huhh?! T^T All these while, my ‘make-up’ tools are only BB cream and a pencil eyeliner for my bottom lash line. I rarely use mascara cos washing that off is a painnnn cos my mascara is waterproof, otherwise I’d end up looking like I had cried black tears after 5 minutes putting them on. I have lipstick but my lips are cracked so lipstick doesn’t look good on my lips. I have lipgloss but putting that on makes me look like I have saliva on me lips! I have a blusher though I seldom use that too cos one cheek tends to look redder than the other thanks to my skillz. My gel eyeliner has dried up hahaha that costly tub has ended up useless now. -___- My liquid liner is rarely used cos I have monolids and the thick amount of eyeliner I have to draw on my eyes are just so tiring! Not forgetting removing that waterproof, smudgeproof eyeliner off is another pain.. See? I’m either super unskilled at makeup or just super lazy.

But now I’m beginning to start practising the art of painting oneself’s face and hopefully I’d be good at it by Eid this August TEEHEE. Although I’m still baffled by how someone managed to look so nice and fresh by 6PM since morning.. :/ My skin shines bright like a diamond by 9AM!! >:(

Anywayyy I should stop talking bout my issues. Haha. I’m starting my new job tomorrow and eeeeep, so nervous!!!! All the best to me and last but not least, where in ze world the first half of the year has gone!?!?!??!?!?! ‘A’



My first JLPT experience flashback

31 Jan

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but last year I decided to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) for the first time. It’s held at our country once a year, every December. I registered for the JLPT in September 2012 sort of spontaneously; the same kind of spontaneity like when I realised how I ended up in an operating table a few years ago for Lasik surgery.. Lol!

Let me tell you a story of my first JLPT exam whether you’d like to read it or not.. HEHE xD
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Hello 2013!!

1 Jan

明けましておめでとう!!! Happy New Year!!!

To kick off my new year, on this very first day of the new 2013, I would like to announce that I am in love with a ‘girl’.

Please meet my girl-crush, Ohno Satoko:

ohno satoshi i love you
Pic not mine btw.

If I can’t get Ohno Satoshi, then in all seriousness this Ohno Satoko can fill the gap in my heart which was meant for him…

(… But come to think of it, this is subjected to change if there’s an appearance of Sakurai Shoko, Matsumoto Junko, Ninomiya Kazuko or Aiba Masako).


Arashi LIVE Tour Popcorn at Kyocera Dome

16 Nov

Well, I wasn’t there to join in the fun :(

This time I’m only getting few of Popcorn goodies too. Fortunately, in my opinion, the goods this time aren’t up to the I-need-to-get-ALL-of-them level. (But the shop photos are crazy nice!! ;A;) I even almost cried looking at the phone strap. It would look like a small pillow hanging from my phone and I’d definitely get stared at from people I would meet at work. Anyways, I won’t be getting it.

Funny story to tell; me and Kiwie, a fellow Arashi fangirl friend, were complaining about the Popcorn goodies and she wasn’t sure whether she wanted to get them (plus she didn’t like the design). So I told her an Arashi DVD is more important than those goodies and she should just save up who knows if Arafes DVD would be released next month or so..


I was watching Skyfall at that time and didn’t check my email, and when I decided to peek into my inbox during the movie, I had the shock of my life at the notification and immediately went to place an order. I practically struggled to secure a copy of the damn LE Arafes DVD at CDJapan for ONE STUPID HOUR because the server kept crashing!!! But happy news, Kiwie and I both got the LE :D Unhappy news, WTF JE, why are you indirectly robbing our wallets every bloody month?????

Anywehhh I saw today’s Popcorn tour song list and I was happy to see Super Fresh and Energy Song included!!! xD I know I was just bitching about Johnny being a scheming thief not even a minute ago, but I honestly can’t wait for the Popcorn DVD…. EHEHEHEHEHEHHEHE /getsbricked.

Oh yeh, I was also actually trying to try watching American Horror Story Season 1 tonight but I’m too scared to watch it alone.. Hence, this post. HOHOHO.

Ciao, mortals! xxxxx

Arashi Popcorn Live Tour

20 Sep

Everyone’s excited about the first day of AraFes and our dearest boys apparently made an announcement during the concert today that either made fangirls screaming in wild excitement and anticipation, or worsen your heart condition (and wallet)

arashi popcorn

I love Arashi and everything but when my twitter was flooded with this announcement about another tour in November, I was like….

AraFes goods has robbed my wallet. I’m trying to save up this month onwards cos I’ll be flying to Jakarta for a vacation mid-December where I’m planning to shop, shop, shop :)

Well now, how would that be possible with new tour goods coming so soon?

And they’re releasing a new album too, which will be on 30th October, and I was all like…

Nevertheless, I’d definitely try my best to get the album!

Back to the Arashi Popcorn tour (they need to explain why they chose this name. I’m super curious xD), tour dates/locations will be as follows:

Kyocera Dome
11/16 : 18:00
11/17 : 18:00
11/18 : 16:00

Sapporo Dome
11/30 : 18:00
12/1 : 18:00
12/2 : 16:00

Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome
12/7 : 18:00
12/8 : 18:00
12/9 : 16:00

Tokyo Dome (It’s been a while!!!)
12/13 : 18:00
12/14 : 18:00
12/15 : 18:00
12/16 : 18:00

Nagoya Dome
2013/1/11 : 18:00
2013/1/12 : 18:00
2013/1/13 : 18:00

Nope, I won’t be going.. Obviously, har har. I love my kidney too much to sell ’em off just for the concert.. Have you gaiz seen the price for an AraFes ticket!?!??!?!?! Freakin’ insaneeeeeeeeee.

On a happier tone, Himitsu no Arashi-chan’s Sharehouse segment will air all 5 of Arashi members for a special episode on 11th Oct!!! :DD The guest is Sanma-san, and don’t worry girls, the guest is a guy.. xD



5 Jun

I’m freakin’ excited about the new An.An issue featuring Oh-chan. He’s in a bathtub with a white t-shirt on (bummer that), but it still oozes sex and lust nevertheless.. :Q I didn’t order a copy of the mag unfortunately; but if I do it now, it might get thrown away at our local post office parcel checking once it arrived for bringing in borderline porn book albeit him still clothed.. LOL. Maybe I can try to look for it once I’m in Japan?? HEHEHE EXCITEDD :D

Speaking of Japan, our accommodation and most part of our transport arrangement have been booked! YAYYY :D I guess confirming our place to stay less than a month before the actual flight isn’t as bad as our first time to Japan back in 2008 where my sisters returned home for their summer vacation and my younger sis excitedly announced that she had passed her A Level exams and begged our parents to let her go to Japan. Me and my older sister decided to tag along, of course.. lol. Anyway that time, we bought our flight tickets for the 3 of us the next day after our mom’s (reluctant) approval but the departure date was 6 days later! xD Planned to stay for a week but because it was so last minute, there was no seat left for our planned return date so we extended our stay to 10 days. Heck, it was crazy fun! xD

Another good thing is I also just got my dream phone today!!

The S3 was finally available in our country yesterday!! (or the day before?) I couldn’t sleep last night and somehow I ended up purchasing the phone at midnight after some thoughts.. Got a text this morning from the shop that the stock was ready for me and boy, was I excited!!! xD Problem now I haven’t got any casing/cover for it yet so I can’t use it this week :( It’s time to replace my ol’ phone anyway, it keeps dropping calls for no reason and it’s starting to annoy me.. Sighh.

Anywehhh, I look forward to 17th June, not only because it’s Nino’s birthday and Waku Waku Gakkou event, but it’s also another public holiday… so rejoice! Rejoice! No work on Monday!! :DDD


Waku Waku Gakkou 2012 dates announcement

21 May

Tokyo Dome:

6/16 17:00
6/17 11:00 and 17:00

Osaka Kyocera Dome:

7/14 17:00
7/15 11:00 and 17:00
7/16 13:00

Did I mention that my sisters and I are flying off to Japan this July for our ‘annual sisters-only trip’?? :D Yes, tickets have been bought since last Feb although we still haven’t booked our accommodation yet.. loll.

Anyway after seeing the WWG dates, I found that 14th July will be the day we fly off FROM Japan.






Your Eyes

25 Apr

That’s what Johnny-san probably wants out of Arashi fangirls; our EYES. My eyes and yours. Well, not literally.. But that’s what some of us would have to sacrifice in order to have money to buy more of Arashi’s new singles.. You end up having to take these eyeballs out of the sockets, sell them on eBay or some underground black market, get the money, pay for the new Arashi CDs and wait for them to arrive. The problem would be then is, how would you be able to watch the DVD? Hahahaha. (WTF I’m talking about)

The title of this post is also the name of Arashi’s new singles! What a coincidence~ :) (oh not really

I already completed my pre-orders from CDJapan (LE and RE). Bye bye, moneyy ;___; And I just paid my credit card this morning!! Grrrrrr~


On a random note, I’m ill now and I hate being sick. I’m thinking of taking a sick leave from work tomorrow but then there’s gonna be free lunch tomorrow and I love free food! :( I hope that I’ll feel better by the end of tonight.


Kotae ga aru no ka? La la la laaa~

6 Mar

Wild At Heart PV ON REPEATTTT! <3

I absolutely adoreee this song, and the PV even more so! Everything about the PV is adorable that I hate that there’s no Making Of video included in this single~ :( Need to watch more of that orgy-fun-activity-in-a-box moment

Then there’s also the cute performance in Hey! Hey! Hey! tonight. I haven’t seen Arashi wearing matching outfits and matching colours since like three thousand years ago. ‘0’ It quenches my heart to see them looking so good — and they’re like so far away in Pluto~ Oh Life, WHYYYYY??? ;A;

Anywayyyy, I made some gifs! :D

Nino is funny in this performance, he seemed to slow and made a couple of mistakes? IDK. Right after this part, he also didn’t do the hand-motion dance (I forgot what’s the correct word for this!! >

arashi wild at heart
Again, I’m always captivated by Ohno’s dance movements.. :Q_ It’s like he’s Siren the mermaid and I’m one of those dumb, perverted old pirates who always get mesmerized and ended up getting killed by the evil mermaid, like we hear in stories or see in movies.. Haha.

arashi wild at heart
IDK why but I love all their hair here! Except maybe Jun. I really, really, really love Matsujun with short hair. Stylist-san, why don’t you pick those scissors back up because fangirls (or maybe just me) are demanding for short-haired Jun!!! >A<

Of course, this man never fails to catch my attention~

arashi ohno satoshi dance

I told my sister that I’m gonna name one of my two blonde kittens Occhan because Kin (the daddy cat) sometimes reminds me of Ohno-san and vice versa. Of course, I need to check if there is any MALE blonde kitten because RN Sora is really protective of her babies so I can’t even pick them up.. >.< I’ve decided this cos there are moments in the PV too where I went, “KINN KINNNN!!” and pointing at the screen when it’s obviously showing Ohno rolling around and making those cute faces. LOLLL sorry that I sound like a maniac but seriously if Kin could turn into a human, he’d be like blonde-hair Ohno. GDI WHERE IS DORAEMON WHEN YOU NEED HIM????

Well I’d definitely announce again when the kittens’ names are finalised! :D My sister wants one of the black male baby cat (if there’s a male) to be named Sherlock and the other male blonde kitty (if any left) to be called John because my sister who’s obviously a HUGGEEEE fan of Sherlock wants “them to be together”.. So much that she even said I shouldn’t name the remaining blonde cat (if there’s already an Occhan) ‘Pikachu’, as I have already planned when I reminded her Sora has only two blonde kittens and no more blondie cat for a ‘John’ >.<

Sighhh~ sometimes I think why are we even sisters..? But then when I look back upon myself, I notice why.. LOLL.


March is coming soon!! :D

26 Feb

Oh, how time flies~ February will be over in a few days and looking at my calendar, the next public holiday (a.k.a. no-work day) will be in end of May.. /cries angsty tears/ D’:

BTW, WordPress seems to have changed? There’s a ‘follow’ and ‘reblog’ button on top of my page/post. It reminds me of Tumblr.. lol.
Long post ahead about my trip in KL & Melaka, some books I just bought, my new sewing kit because I’m an overexcited noob just starting to learn sewing, and me flailing over my cat Sora’s new firstborn babies!