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2 Jun

Me loves loves lovessss Endless Game!! Noticeably, based on the post topic above, especially at the part that goes “Warning, warning, warning, warning”. LOLL

Have you gaiz watched Arashi’s performance in MS? Sho-kun and his bangsss. Aiba-kun and his shiny shoes. Junpon needs a new haircut just because I love him more with shorter hair haha. Nino-kun wearing just a normal T-shirt underneath the blazer, why whyyyy. Annnnd lastly there’s Mr Ohno Satoshi and his perfection in singing and dancing, stealing my heart all over again. Srsly how could you find a RL boyfriend when Arashi exists??? ;___; I’d make some gifs of it if I could but my laptop is dead now and I’m using my sister’s laptop atm and she has no PS.

Unfortunately though, this time around I didn’t get the “Endless Game” CDs :( I have broken my continuous record of getting every single’s CD since “Believe” in 2009! :(( Truthfully, I missed the pre-order for EG last time and 6 hours later when I remembered to check the site, the pre-order has closed. So I took it as a “its-not-meant-to-be” thingy hahaha. But there’s also the truer truth…. I was broke. LOLL. I’d rather eat junk food in the past just to have extra money for my fandom but this time around, my real life has caught up to me telling me there’s nooooooooo way my Arashi stuff would be able to pay for my daily expenses now. I have a house to pay, bills to pay, cats to feed, more mouths to feed (my sibs and aunt staying with me atm), clothes to buy, shoes to get, food to eat, friends and family to treat, make-up…. Gosh!! I’m just starting to use proper make-up now because my new job demands me to look good when meeting people and I have noooo idea how to put on makeup!!!

Can I talk about make-up today? Please let me.

At this stage, I wonder how the heck do people managed to paint their faces and look SOOO pretty??? The moment I dab some eyeshadow on my lids, I end up looking like I’ve smashed some color pallets on my eyes area.. Why so devastating, huhh?! T^T All these while, my ‘make-up’ tools are only BB cream and a pencil eyeliner for my bottom lash line. I rarely use mascara cos washing that off is a painnnn cos my mascara is waterproof, otherwise I’d end up looking like I had cried black tears after 5 minutes putting them on. I have lipstick but my lips are cracked so lipstick doesn’t look good on my lips. I have lipgloss but putting that on makes me look like I have saliva on me lips! I have a blusher though I seldom use that too cos one cheek tends to look redder than the other thanks to my skillz. My gel eyeliner has dried up hahaha that costly tub has ended up useless now. -___- My liquid liner is rarely used cos I have monolids and the thick amount of eyeliner I have to draw on my eyes are just so tiring! Not forgetting removing that waterproof, smudgeproof eyeliner off is another pain.. See? I’m either super unskilled at makeup or just super lazy.

But now I’m beginning to start practising the art of painting oneself’s face and hopefully I’d be good at it by Eid this August TEEHEE. Although I’m still baffled by how someone managed to look so nice and fresh by 6PM since morning.. :/ My skin shines bright like a diamond by 9AM!! >:(

Anywayyy I should stop talking bout my issues. Haha. I’m starting my new job tomorrow and eeeeep, so nervous!!!! All the best to me and last but not least, where in ze world the first half of the year has gone!?!?!??!?!?! ‘A’



Hello 2013!!

1 Jan

明けましておめでとう!!! Happy New Year!!!

To kick off my new year, on this very first day of the new 2013, I would like to announce that I am in love with a ‘girl’.

Please meet my girl-crush, Ohno Satoko:

ohno satoshi i love you
Pic not mine btw.

If I can’t get Ohno Satoshi, then in all seriousness this Ohno Satoko can fill the gap in my heart which was meant for him…

(… But come to think of it, this is subjected to change if there’s an appearance of Sakurai Shoko, Matsumoto Junko, Ninomiya Kazuko or Aiba Masako).


Arashi Popcorn Live Tour

20 Sep

Everyone’s excited about the first day of AraFes and our dearest boys apparently made an announcement during the concert today that either made fangirls screaming in wild excitement and anticipation, or worsen your heart condition (and wallet)

arashi popcorn

I love Arashi and everything but when my twitter was flooded with this announcement about another tour in November, I was like….

AraFes goods has robbed my wallet. I’m trying to save up this month onwards cos I’ll be flying to Jakarta for a vacation mid-December where I’m planning to shop, shop, shop :)

Well now, how would that be possible with new tour goods coming so soon?

And they’re releasing a new album too, which will be on 30th October, and I was all like…

Nevertheless, I’d definitely try my best to get the album!

Back to the Arashi Popcorn tour (they need to explain why they chose this name. I’m super curious xD), tour dates/locations will be as follows:

Kyocera Dome
11/16 : 18:00
11/17 : 18:00
11/18 : 16:00

Sapporo Dome
11/30 : 18:00
12/1 : 18:00
12/2 : 16:00

Fukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome
12/7 : 18:00
12/8 : 18:00
12/9 : 16:00

Tokyo Dome (It’s been a while!!!)
12/13 : 18:00
12/14 : 18:00
12/15 : 18:00
12/16 : 18:00

Nagoya Dome
2013/1/11 : 18:00
2013/1/12 : 18:00
2013/1/13 : 18:00

Nope, I won’t be going.. Obviously, har har. I love my kidney too much to sell ’em off just for the concert.. Have you gaiz seen the price for an AraFes ticket!?!??!?!?! Freakin’ insaneeeeeeeeee.

On a happier tone, Himitsu no Arashi-chan’s Sharehouse segment will air all 5 of Arashi members for a special episode on 11th Oct!!! :DD The guest is Sanma-san, and don’t worry girls, the guest is a guy.. xD


Your Eyes, Moon Child.

24 Jun

arashi your eyes

These arrived two weeks ago and I just collected them from the post office today xD

I forgot I bought a DVD called “Moon Child” starring Gackt, Hyde and LeeHom. I think I purchased this because CDJapan said if I added another so-so amount, I could get so-so free points. LOL.

Since it was English subbed (IT BETTER BE!) and was on sale, I decided to get it :) I was planning to watch this tomorrow since I’m home alone until tomorrow night but I wanted to know what this story was about so I wiki-ed Moon Child to read the story synopsis.

Well instead of the synopsis, I ended up reading the summary of the whole movie in Wikipedia..! WTF right? I know I should’ve stopped but I couldn’t.. SIGHHHH.

And I never thought I’d say this but being home alone is tough~

Earlier tonight, before I turned off all the lights, I found out that the long PVC pipe to secure the lock of my balcony door was not around and noticed it was outside on the balcony! I hate going to the balcony at night due to the usual sight of house lizards outside. /COLDSHIVERS. Sora, on the other hand, is always excited about going outside on the balcony because she loves hunting for said reptiles…

Anyways, on the ceiling right above the PVC pipe, was TWO fat lizards. I managed to grab hold of the pipe but I couldn’t close the door yet because Sora wouldn’t budge AT ALL when she noticed the lizards!! Hoping that she’d follow me inside, I tried to scare the lizards away by hitting the wall/ceiling until the lizards would escape to the outer wall and out of sight. One did so but unfortunately the other didn’t. I must have hit the ceiling too hard cos it fell right off the ceiling and Sora immediately pounced on it!! Next thing I know, Sora had the lizard in her mouth and was happily walking back into the house..


I hate lizards from the bottom of my heart. I don’t like them around me and I never want to even deal with it – dead or alive. I saw the decapitated tail on my stairs a while ago. I called up my dad to report to him about this ‘crisis’ (yes, I’m a Daddy’s girl) and he told me to sweep the now-dead lizard into the dustpan and throw it outside. Easier said than done cos just the idea made me CRINGEEEE, okay. Anyway I thought I’d deal with it tomorrow morning since I have NO FREAKING IDEA where Sora and Kin had brought the dead lizard to to play with.. (URGHH!)

Then I remembered I left my house key and main gate key in the kitchen downstairs! Yeah, FML.. I was supposed to take them with me in my bedroom. So, with heavy steps, I mustered enough courage to go down the stairs and saw my two beloved felines, WITH A DEAD LIZARD OH MY GOD! – near the front main entrance door looking at me with big eyes. I immediately went into the kitchen and realised, “Hey, since I have the front house key now, maybe I can get rid of the disgusting thing now instead of wait tomorrow morning? :D”. I opened the kitchen’s back door to take the broom and dustpan and found out they were stored OUTSIDE THE LOCKED GATE-DOOR!! *A* Since the probability of more lizards outside scared me off, I decided to go back inside, ignore my cats OTW and quickly ran upstairs into my bedroom. Fcuk it, I’ll deal with the dead reptile tomorrow.

I heard Kin’s collar bell outside my door room a while ago, probably coming up thinking he could sleep with me tonight, but the thought of its big paws already touching the dead lizard, or probably the dreadful thing between his mouth right then (!!!), had forced me to make the hard decision to toughen up this heart and not let my precious Kin into my room to sleep with me tonight.

I’m sorry, baby, I hope you’ll understand.. ;_____;

Yeah, and I just posted a story of 30-minute of my night too.. LOL.

Wish me luck for tomorrow! :S


Your Eyes

25 Apr

That’s what Johnny-san probably wants out of Arashi fangirls; our EYES. My eyes and yours. Well, not literally.. But that’s what some of us would have to sacrifice in order to have money to buy more of Arashi’s new singles.. You end up having to take these eyeballs out of the sockets, sell them on eBay or some underground black market, get the money, pay for the new Arashi CDs and wait for them to arrive. The problem would be then is, how would you be able to watch the DVD? Hahahaha. (WTF I’m talking about)

The title of this post is also the name of Arashi’s new singles! What a coincidence~ :) (oh not really

I already completed my pre-orders from CDJapan (LE and RE). Bye bye, moneyy ;___; And I just paid my credit card this morning!! Grrrrrr~


On a random note, I’m ill now and I hate being sick. I’m thinking of taking a sick leave from work tomorrow but then there’s gonna be free lunch tomorrow and I love free food! :( I hope that I’ll feel better by the end of tonight.


WTFFF Face Down PV Preview!!

20 Apr

I have no idea how the PV is like actually cos I’m still waiting for the PV preview vid to finish downloading.

I’m looking at the download status rn and it says it’ll take about an hour to finish. Can you believe it!??! One hour to download a 30MB video!?!?!?!?! IT’S SO SLOWWW THAT I COULD PROLLY FINISH KNITTING A FREAKIN’ SWEATERRR BEFORE THE VID DOWNLOAD IS EVEN DONE!!!

It’s gonna take me another day just to finish downloading the Mikeneko episode.. -___- And I haven’t started on Kagiheya yet. Oh, the sadness.

Alrighty, 35 minutes left for the short PV preview. Oh goodness, please give me the patience… T^T




Arashi new pre-orders! :D

29 Mar

Finally, ARASHI LIVE TOUR Beautiful World DVD pre-order is opened! I’ve booked mine from CDJapan as I love their service :D I thought the BW concert DVD would never come, just like DAL tour.. :S Unfortunately, the BW concert isn’t going to be of the last day where they celebrated Sho-kun’s birthday but hope is still there because the third disc has special footage!!

“Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill”. Man, I was just listening this song from Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey less than 24 hours ago!! Who knew the lyric in there is applicable to the current situation.. LOLL.

At the same time, there’s also Arashi’s new single coming out, “Face Down”. Okay, now that I just typed out the single title here, it somehow also just dragged down the mood of my previous paragraph about being positive.. lol. Or maybe it’s just me. Secured my order for that one too! :DD

My wallet is definitely crying because I’d be spending more cash soon as I’m planning to neuter my male cat, Kin, now that dear Sora has adorable babies. Kin is such an adorable cat really, with big dark eyes, but he sprays a lot when he’s trying to ‘mark’ his territories even in the house so I’m trying to save my sofas here from future costly cleaning costs.. T_T

Besides my wallet, my heart is also weeping rn.. Moments ago I just realized that I could not find my phone!!! My memory can’t be depended 100% but the last thing I remembered was replying to my colleague’s WhatsApp message in my sister’s car after a sushi dinner-out with my siblings. Well after the dinner, my sister dropped me and my brother at my house (the 2nd home) and the rest of them drove home to our hometown (1st home), so I assumed I left my phone in my sister’s car. I asked my brother who’s staying with me to try calling my phone to confirm that it’s not ringing in the house, so we called home to ask our sibling to check my sister’s car. Guess what? They couldn’t find it either. And it’s also not in my house so where the fuck is it???? DID I LEAVE IT AT THE SUSHI PLACE??? BUT I SWEARRR I WAS REPLYING TO MY FRIEND’S TEXT IN THE CAR AFTER DINNER!! Or did my mind tricked me and it was actually BEFORE dinner.. so there’s a chance that I did left it at the sushi place cos I also took out my phone there while waiting for our food…

OH NO!! D’:

Honestly, I don’t care much about my phone. In fact, I had to restart my phone a few times today because the wi-fi and 3g weren’t working! But it breaks my heart SO fucking much when I think about the possibility of me losing the hundreds precious pictures of my favorite people, things and cats in my phone ;___; There’s like 30% of my cat pictures in there though, lol, but they’re still precious! And I usually take pictures of any interesting happening around me so I kinda have my picture ‘diary’ in the photo gallery. And I’ve got pictures of my family too which I sometimes look at when I feel homesick… :(

There’s also my WhatsApp messages I’m worried about! So many confidential work shits being discussed in there yo :S

It’s pretty late now so I hope I can try tracking it again tomorrow? I hope I can locate it.. I really, REALLY do not want to lose all those precious pictures in the phone. And no, I do not have any nude pictures so that’s not why I’m so concerned about losing my phone. And new phone will cost me extra hundreds which I DO NOT WANT to fork out right now!!!! I need to save up :(

Such a great day overall today, then this shit happen. I hope I just misplaced my phone somewhere in my house or sister’s car. I definitely will appreciate my creaky old phone more should I were able to recover it, I promise.


Happy New Year of the Dragon! :D

23 Jan

All I got today on the New Chinese Year is an orange.. T^T Well, I guess that’s good than nothing.

Pre-order for Arashi’s new single “Wild at Heart” is already out at CDJapan! Released on 7th March, gosh I’m already excited! ^^ No idea how the single sounds like despite there are leaks of the song floating around from the latest concert.. I’m trying not to spoil myself with a LQ audio.. ^_^;

There’s no ‘Making Of PV’ video included this time so JE better put that Sho birthday surprise in Fukuoka Dome in the next concert DVD to make up for this loss! lol.

Anyway, everyone must have known that MegaUpload has been taken down. I was pretty damn devastated upon reading the news, although I think those who had purchased the lifetime premium account the day before MU was closed down would be even more upset.. (Maybe they get refunded? IDK) Apparently, SOPA and PIPA are dead (for now) but ACTA is still alive and kicking.. :S

Sighhhhh these thoughts are as stressful as the idea that I have to return to work tomorrow..! lol.

Sakurai Sho turning 30 in less than 30 hours! Woohooo~


My first sketch of Ohno Satoshi!

21 Dec

ohno satoshi


Actually I just learned how to edit an image on Photoshop and I used an Ohno picture as you see above! :DD It’s supposed to look like a sketch, all black and white and stuff, but I ended up experimenting with it too much and it turned out blue. I’d be really super fantastic though if I actually did produce that drawing with a blue colour pencil on a blue paper.. xD

But seriously, after I made that on Photoshop, it did made me try making a line drawing/sketching/whatever the correct term is, of the picture. Of course, it is obviously cheating cos by referring to the desaturated picture now, I’d just need to follow the image outline and shading only, and not get confused by colours, etc.. Well, this is the FIRST TIME in my life trying to draw a real person (it’s of Ohno Satoshi too therefore that automatically makes it a big deal for me) but even though I was ‘cheating’, it didn’t make it any easier as I thought it would be cos after starting off by drawing an eyebrow, I was like “WTFFFFFFF THIS IS DIFFICULT LIKE FUCK!!!!!1!” that after drawing the second eyebrow and seeing that I couldn’t even draw a balanced pair of eyebrows perfectly made me wanna break my pencil in half! You can imagine how I felt by the time I was done with the drawing; I was so tempted to make a huge bonfire immediately outside my house to burn the piece of paper because it made me cringed so bad just from looking at it ;___; Unfortunately it’s raining now so I can’t make a bonfire anyways.

Okay, over-dramatic rant aside, I’m honestly nervous about sharing my drawing. But I’m gonna keep and share it nevertheless because I think someone gotta start somewhere~ and this is my start; my first piece. Maybe it would give me motivation to improve :) I always have a huge amount of respect for artists but after tonight, the level of respect that I have for them is now so much sky-high. Seriously.

Now shall we have a look? *wipes nervous sweat on forehead*

Windows 7 problem: DNS server not responding

13 Sep

Windows 7 users might encounter this problem! My mom was staying over at my house and she complained that her laptop couldn’t connect with my home’s wireless. I’m not tech-savvy enough to understand some of the suggested solutions in the forums and websites I checked out, whilst the simpler answers somehow still couldn’t correct the problem. After reading through many posts, you know those times when while you were following through the instructions, midway you’d think “Hmm, maybe if I try doing it this way instead, it might work..”?

Well, I’m so proud that I could get my mom’s laptop to finally connect to the Internet. Do keep in mind that my simple solution for the Windows 7 DNS server problem was:
1) only tried ONCE (could be I got lucky so it may or may not work on you) AND;
2) you’ll need a laptop that’s already able to connect to the same wireless. In this case, I took my laptop :) (and if you don’t have any other laptop working around you, then this post won’t help you)


1 – Take the laptop that’s already connected to the wireless. (This case; my laptop)
2 – On that laptop, go to the wireless’s Adapter Properties -> Networking -> double-click on the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

3 – Take note of the Preferred DNS server and Alternate DNS server addresses. (in blue below)

4 – Now take the other laptop with the connection problem. Repeat Step 1 and 2 above.
5 – Enter both DNS server addresses from the first laptop into the second laptop. Click OK.

AND… PROBLEM SOLVED!! :D I can say that Mom’s laptop is working perfectly right now~ So I guess the DNS server problem was really.. the DNS server problem after all. xD