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Arashi’s “Popcorn” CD

3 Nov

I just managed to find time to unwrap my copy of Arashi’s Popcorn LE CD today :)

arashi popcorn le

My major disappointment was there is not a single picture of Arashi WITHOUT the popcorn head and costume. I didn’t get the RE this time and I know JE always puts the best cover for the RE CD than LE CD to trap fans into getting both; but this time RE and LE photo shoots difference are so wide which I didn’t expect it to go that far!!

Arashi with the popcorn heads are cute, yes; but them in regular clothing for the RE looked so much cooler.. :(

But I was surprised there’s some stickers included in the extra comic booklet about Arashi members as Corn guys from Corn country. The cartoons are cute! :D

As for the songs, I haven’t done with listening to all of them yet. I can say I love the first track “Welcome to our party”! ^^ “Face Down” and “Wild at Heart” are still under my favorite tracks~ I’ve listened to Jun’s solo “We wanna funk, we need a funk” and as I haven’t actually seen the lyrics translation yet, I assume the meaning of ‘funk’ is referring to the music genre. I just learned that apparently ‘funk’ used as a verb means a state of depression, fear or panic.. LOL. So putting the lyrics aside, it’s kinda catchy too IMO. Ohno’s solo kinda disappoint me once again. “two”‘s melody reminded me of “Take Me Faraway” somehow but the song as an entirety is less awesome.. :/ But I’ve listened to them all once so my opinion might change again.

I was about to get to Aiba’s solo but then I had to stop cos I was listening to the CD in my car and I have reached home. xD

Random note, but here’s a picture of my (or Sora’s to be exact) babies; Mia and Zou, 8 months old now. I sometimes call Mia “Princess” since she’s the only female sib out of 3 and she lovesssss when her fur coat is being brushed that she would actually move to your lap and sit there (regardless if you’re a family member or stranger), sometimes turning to her side so you can brush her easily.. SO CUTEEE <3 Zou is slightly bigger than the others and is the noisiest attention-seeker cat! He meows all the time! You look at him, he meows; you stand up, he meows; you sit quietly, he still meows; you burp, he meows. But only around me or my family members, otherwise he's a scaredy cat — no pun intended xD

mia zou


Kagiheya drama starts next week!!! :DD

13 Apr

Watching Kagiheya previews just makes me wanna get that RayBan specs Ohno’s wearing and also write up a thorough kidnap plan of that man called Ohno Satoshi more and more.. <3 xD

Himitsu no Arashi-chan Mannequin 5 SP apparently was yesterday! I have not watched it yet and I don’t wanna see any spoilers of the episode until I have the time to download the video and watch it, which IDK when it will be… Which also means I also have to stay far faaaarrrrrrrrrrr away from Tumblr these couple of weeks because people tend to put up caps or gifs of Arashi releases so quick there ;___;

From all the mannequins that I saw last time for voting, there was one that I liked immediately although I have no idea what it’s ranked at nor whose mannequin it is now. I’m guessing it belongs to Nino or Sho but then again I remember the forth mannequin which IMO is the most disastrous one among all… and disaster is usually closely linked with Sho so I’m not sure anymore.. xD

Guess I’ll just have to wait a little bit longer til when I’m able to catch the episode~ xD

In the mean time, let me take the time to introduce my cats. LOLL.

I’m not kidding I really AM gonna talk about my cats here because I have nothing else to post about.

I remember a couple of weeks back I was trying to get Sora’s four adorable kittens to jump up the stair step.. Now they’re all practically racing up the stairs and even managed to successfully climb the cage wall of their three-storey ‘cage house’ every time!! They’re growing up too fast~ D:

Here are the babies now!

sora and babies
They’re almost as big as their mommy, and they’re not even 2-month old yet!! lol.

Three kittens look like the daddy, Kin, and one looks like Sora — except that he has yellow fur. The one that has Sora’s facial profile and fur (not fur colour though) is called Udon, in commemoration of our (us siblings) favorite noodle! xD

The only one pic which I managed to capture of Udon. The rest of the pictures that I have of him are just a blur of yellow cos he was flying all over the place -__-;

Next ‘blondie’ is Mia; the only female in the bunch and also the most active. It seems like she inherited Kin’s fur coat. I couldn’t take a proper picture of Mia because unlike the others, she’s kinda scared of people so when I tried getting close to her, she scurried away T^T

She was winking when I took this picture hence one eye was smaller.. xD This is the most decent one I could get of Mia T^T

Now moving on to the other set of twins! :D

zou and loki

60% of the time I can’t tell which is which because these two look so much alike at this stage! The only thing that sets them apart is one is fatter than the other. I also think there is a bit of difference with the eyes..? Then again, it’s hard to immediately see those minute dissimilarities! xD

First, we meet Zou. He is the dark-haired version of Mia and compared to the others, he’s also the biggest one.


The last one is probably many of my family members and friends’ favorite kitten! He’s the brightest, the most photogenic and the friendliest, therefore automatically ranked by many as the most adorable~! xDD

He is named Loki because me and my sisters LOVE the villain character called Loki from ‘Thor’ movie. Also the name is cute, so why not? xD

I’m not kidding about Loki being the most photogenic because I have tonnes of cute pictures of him. You can be the judge:

Zou, looking grumpy on the left, and Loki on the right. Look at Loki’s eyes! *A* <3

This is the first and will also be the last of Sora’s babies because I have already got Kin neutered last week. I’m not worried about spaying Sora because she hates all other cats besides Kin and her babies, loll.

Therefore to end this post, here’s a shot of Kin sleeping in his usual sleeping posture.


And the last of Kin with his face covered in dirt because he likes rubbing his face at my dad’s car tyres.. lol.



Kotae ga aru no ka? La la la laaa~

6 Mar

Wild At Heart PV ON REPEATTTT! <3

I absolutely adoreee this song, and the PV even more so! Everything about the PV is adorable that I hate that there’s no Making Of video included in this single~ :( Need to watch more of that orgy-fun-activity-in-a-box moment

Then there’s also the cute performance in Hey! Hey! Hey! tonight. I haven’t seen Arashi wearing matching outfits and matching colours since like three thousand years ago. ‘0’ It quenches my heart to see them looking so good — and they’re like so far away in Pluto~ Oh Life, WHYYYYY??? ;A;

Anywayyyy, I made some gifs! :D

Nino is funny in this performance, he seemed to slow and made a couple of mistakes? IDK. Right after this part, he also didn’t do the hand-motion dance (I forgot what’s the correct word for this!! >

arashi wild at heart
Again, I’m always captivated by Ohno’s dance movements.. :Q_ It’s like he’s Siren the mermaid and I’m one of those dumb, perverted old pirates who always get mesmerized and ended up getting killed by the evil mermaid, like we hear in stories or see in movies.. Haha.

arashi wild at heart
IDK why but I love all their hair here! Except maybe Jun. I really, really, really love Matsujun with short hair. Stylist-san, why don’t you pick those scissors back up because fangirls (or maybe just me) are demanding for short-haired Jun!!! >A<

Of course, this man never fails to catch my attention~

arashi ohno satoshi dance

I told my sister that I’m gonna name one of my two blonde kittens Occhan because Kin (the daddy cat) sometimes reminds me of Ohno-san and vice versa. Of course, I need to check if there is any MALE blonde kitten because RN Sora is really protective of her babies so I can’t even pick them up.. >.< I’ve decided this cos there are moments in the PV too where I went, “KINN KINNNN!!” and pointing at the screen when it’s obviously showing Ohno rolling around and making those cute faces. LOLLL sorry that I sound like a maniac but seriously if Kin could turn into a human, he’d be like blonde-hair Ohno. GDI WHERE IS DORAEMON WHEN YOU NEED HIM????

Well I’d definitely announce again when the kittens’ names are finalised! :D My sister wants one of the black male baby cat (if there’s a male) to be named Sherlock and the other male blonde kitty (if any left) to be called John because my sister who’s obviously a HUGGEEEE fan of Sherlock wants “them to be together”.. So much that she even said I shouldn’t name the remaining blonde cat (if there’s already an Occhan) ‘Pikachu’, as I have already planned when I reminded her Sora has only two blonde kittens and no more blondie cat for a ‘John’ >.<

Sighhh~ sometimes I think why are we even sisters..? But then when I look back upon myself, I notice why.. LOLL.


March is coming soon!! :D

26 Feb

Oh, how time flies~ February will be over in a few days and looking at my calendar, the next public holiday (a.k.a. no-work day) will be in end of May.. /cries angsty tears/ D’:

BTW, WordPress seems to have changed? There’s a ‘follow’ and ‘reblog’ button on top of my page/post. It reminds me of Tumblr.. lol.
Long post ahead about my trip in KL & Melaka, some books I just bought, my new sewing kit because I’m an overexcited noob just starting to learn sewing, and me flailing over my cat Sora’s new firstborn babies!

I won an AFLAC blotting paper! xD

4 Jan

LOLL I just notice how tanned my hands have gotten! >.<

And the blotting papers inside are pink! :0 The only ones I’ve come across before were either blue or translucent/nude; and never any other color. Then again I almost never use blotting papers.. Not because I don’t have oily skin (I wish!) but I think tissue papers do the job just as well, and more importantly it doesn’t destroy your make-up! xD

Anyway my dad, brother and I went out for dinner tonight and this conversation took place:

Dad: “Looks like it’s raining outside.. There’re some people using their umbrellas.”
Me: “Urm dad, we’re in a car (you can see from the windscreen).. And you have the windshield wipers on too!”

I know it’s night time but seriously, being in a car, you would’ve noticed if it were raining or not more quickly! My dad is so funny sometimes~ xD


Dedicating this to Sora (and probably Kin too later in the post xD)

21 Nov

Sora is my cat BTW.. loll.

sora my cat

I’m doing this because she has saved me from misery, again! <3 Nothing worthy enough to be on the headline though, but see, I am freakin' terrified of lizards to the point that I can't even stand looking at one and this one house lizard decided to haunt me earlier tonight in my bedroom by making these sounds they always make but when I tried to look for it, it was nowhere to be seen! It was a nightmare. I thought I'd have to spend the night in fear of the reptile would come out from its hiding place once I turn off the lights and drop on my face when I was asleep.. Oh the horror of even the thought..! ;A;
And this is my story~

Happy Teacher’s Day, BN!

23 Sep

It’s the nation’s Teacher’s Day today in my country. Just thought I’d make a post dedicating this very special day to my dad and mom, who are both teachers! ♡ Well, my dad is supposed to be a retiree but his best friend, a principal of a private school, decided to hire my dad to be a teacher at the school and since Dad gets bored easily at home (he actually made a small HOUSE in our backyard to breed worms for worm composts within a month soon after he retired!!), he decided to take up on the job! :D Mama, on the other hand, was a teacher, a deputy principal, then a head mistress (principal) and now, my mom is the Education Officer for my home district :)

My younger sister, Nasu, who has just graduated Uni is now following my parents’ footsteps into becoming a dedicated teacher. She’s now teaching in the same school as my dad (Dad decided to tell the principal there last month that his daughter/my sister could fill up the job vacancy that they had at that time which made Nasu went, “but I just got back from the UK!!!!!!! D:”) . Anyway, she’s gonna be a great teacher one day once her experience builds up.. :) Now she’s just semi-awesome, haha. Last two weeks when I went home for the weekend, the first thing Nasu said to me with a blank expression was, “Kang (one of my many home nicknames), I wanna strangle my students..” instead of greeting me home.. LOLL! But of course she didn’t mean what she said.. xD

Sooooo, Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers in BND, especially to my parents who are the greatest teachers in the world and my sister Nasu who’s on the path of becoming an amazing teacher! :) Only the Almighty Allah can reward you for all your time, effort and knowledge contributions to the nation’s future generations! Aminn.


Letter from the Daughter

18 Feb

My Dad is the Best! xD

11 Jan

I was just on the phone talking to my dad when he told me that my sister, Kanz, was calling home too from the UK; and at that moment, my mom was talking to her. I was like, “OHHH I miss Inur (sister’s home name) so muchh! Haven’t talked to her in agess ..” Blah blah blah and I said, is she gonna be free after this (after calling home)? Because I wanted to call her up and talk to her for a bit since I was bored.

Then my dad was saying, “Why don’t you try asking her?”. Then he went off to tell my mom that I was on the other end of his mobile phone line and that he wanted to try see if I could talk to my sister on the OTHER end of our house phone line (which Kanz was calling).


So I went, “Hello?? Hello?? HELLOOO? Nurr, can you hear me!!??” for God-knows-how-long when there was silence over the line because I realised that my Dad had put his mobile phone to the house’s phone mouthpiece (probably) so I could talk to my sister on the other end… HAHAHAHA!

Well my sister didn’t hear me.. Or maybe she did, but I couldnt hear anything. So my Dad took his phone back after a while and asked me, “Well, did you talk to her?” and I was like, “NO! I can’t even hear a thing! D:<“.

Gotta love my Dad <3

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1 Jan

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