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My first JLPT experience flashback

31 Jan

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but last year I decided to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) for the first time. It’s held at our country once a year, every December. I registered for the JLPT in September 2012 sort of spontaneously; the same kind of spontaneity like when I realised how I ended up in an operating table a few years ago for Lasik surgery.. Lol!

Let me tell you a story of my first JLPT exam whether you’d like to read it or not.. HEHE xD
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Bye-bye 2012!

29 Dec

Mayan doomsday; been there, done that.

Hope everyone is well :) My cough which started during my vacation in Bandung, then moving on to Jakarta and finally back to my home country, has entered its second week. It’s definitely not something that I planned to take with me as a souvenir.. :( Well it’s not as bad as it was probably 2-3 days ago now, but then again you never know with me still trying to fight the strong urge to eat chocolates and popcorn here.. My craving for Royce Nama Chocolates is always known to appear at improper timing, like when I’m in the period of not supposed to consume them due to sickness or health control, or when I needed to restrain myself from spending more money due to short-term survival issue (these chocs are priceyy at $15/box >.<).

Must. Stay. Strong!!

I am hereeee to announce to the world that my Arafes DVD has arrived!! :DD Much like everyone else who had ordered 'em, I bet.. xD The DVD was shipped on 25th, arrived at my country on 27th and you know what? When I checked on the EMS tracking website, the status said "Absence. Attempted delivery." and the location was at the POST OFFICE!!! How could there be NOBODY in the freakin' Post Office to collect these deliveries on a WORKING DAY????

Buuuut this 27th Dec was the payday for especially the Government servants and every December's payday is also "Bonus Day" whereby the annual financial incentives are also released so I thought everyone was prolly out of their office to stand in the long queue at the ATM machines and banks nationwide. I don't have Bonus Day this month unfortunately as our Bonus Day is in May. We people who don't celebrate Bonus Day, especially single ones like me hoho, tend to stay in their houses until these shopping and spending craze outside calms down ^_^;

Back to Arafes DVD, can I say that I loveeeee the packaging of it?? Pictures that I took are stitched below :)

The Arafes DVD LE is packed like a gift box instead of just the usual DVD case! When you open it, then you’ll get the DVD case and the booklet under it. I almost overlooked the booklet because it was plain orange if you only merely glance at it unless you happen to stand under a light. The front book cover is transparent-like (there’s a word for it but I forgot what it is but it’s like Pic 3 above xD). I’m happy to say that the booklet is pretty thick, with lyrics included and pictures of the boys from the concert but the book binding would make scanning a pain (at least for me who lacks patience, hehe).

Although it’s the weekend, I’m actually on stand-by today in case my engineer needs me for work :( Soooo I guess I can only watch the DVD on Tuesday during New Year public holiday. Hopefully…. :s


So I guess this post pretty much just talked about nothing of anyone’s interest and that my Arafes DVD is here. HAHAHA.

Well before I go, let me share a couple of pics (among others) that made me happy this month~ :D

My mom bought this for me when in Jakarta! :D My palms were glued to the glass display when I saw these bookset but I was broke then so my mom said she’d pay this for me instead (prolly because she feared I would moan and sob endlessly at night and days to come for regretting not getting these babies — which could have been true! xD). MOTHERS ARE THE BEST!! <33 I LOVEEEE GAME OF THRONESSS! I've watched the HBO series and loved it sfm!! I found out about the books but never seen it anywhere before so when I saw these books then — and the complete set some more, I nearly cried of joy ;___;

This was today! :D I went into my favorite shoe boutique this morning to check out some flats and while waiting for the nice shop assistant to bring out my shoe choice of my size, I saw this bag and fell in loveeee with it. It doesn’t look outstanding but you know what they say, “love is blind” :P This is probably my second favorite bag after my other bag that’s shaped like a treasure chest which I bought in Japan few months back ^^ I have tonnes of bags though, I have this bad habit of buying bags regardless of whether I actually need them. If I were broke then, I’d take out my credit card without hesitating. See, that’s bad :/

Now to end this ’empty’ post content-wise, I’d just like to thank everyone whom I’ve prolly wasted their time for making them read posts about my life by prolly fooling them into thinking “Ah, an Arashi post!”. LOLL. Bigger thanks to those who’d still visit my page nevertheless! :D I’m talking like I’ve won an award here haha but I’m in a good mood now because there are some strangers who’ve lifted my mood today with their kind gestures and kind words :)) I said thank you then, and I’m saying thank you now.

Happy New Year, guys! Hope the new year will be a better one :))


Doing this because I don’t wanna start studying yet.

30 Sep

I woke up early today to do some revision but it’s nearly 6PM now and I haven’t even opened my book yet.

Yeah yeah. Call it procrastination. Call it lazy.

So earlier ago, I decided to go through my phone’s photo gallery and finally transferred a few pictures from my trip to Japan. My battery was critically low so I only transferred images of any Arashi-goodies hunt. There wasn’t many of it, just 6 before my phone died. (Too lazy to find my phone charger)

Below are some pamphlet/books that I got. I thought I’d try getting some Arashi doujinshi for the sake of getting something Arashi, haha, so the top are my FIRST two and only Arashi doujinshi that I have in my books collection. I’m quite particular with how pretty the drawings are done and mind you, the books there are plastic-wrapped so I could only choose based on the book cover; and they were hundreds of Arashi doujinshis!! I had my sister helped me when she was free (she was hunting for BBC Sherlock’s doujinshis — which she couldn’t find any).

Top left: Yama doujinshi. Top right: Arashi doujinshi. Bottom: Arashi First Concert 2006 in Taipei pamphlet.

The Arashi pamphlet at the bottom was a double purchase! LOL. I already have that pamphlet but it was in Seoul and the pictures were the same. Since it was plastic-wrapped, I couldn’t flip through the book and simply assumed I haven’t got it although I did remember having such pamphlet at home with the exact cover! It’s the word “Taipei” that got me confused!! Grrr. I will sell it off when I know how cos PayPal doesn’t work for selling in my country.. :/ (I’ve got so many Arashi stuff that I wanna sell off too cos there’s no more spaces in my room, yo. But yet I still keep buying stuff, haha).

Again, since I wanted to get something Arashi in Japan, I ended up buying their old calendars and wristband set from their 2005 ONE concert xD What got me freakin’ excited was when I found the T-shirt from Arashi First Concert 2006 in Seoul!!!! That shit is really hard to find cos I’ve been searching for it for ages!! When I did find it online, it was sold for over a hundred USD and I got it for less than that in Japan, probably 3000-4000 JPY? (I forgot)

There was that one day in Tokyo too when I dragged my sisters around to find the Johnny’s Shop in Harajuku! ^^ After over an hour of searching, we finally found the place (My sister and I had to shop for some clothes just to be able to ‘casually’ talk with the shop attendant to help us locate the J-shop.. LOL). Since we spent so much sweat, time and money (for food and extra clothes previously mentioned) to look for the building, I decided to make the trip worth it and got some shop photos. In the end, it still became more additional money spent for something which was not planned for.. Haha.

arashi shop photos

This last item though is probably the best find I purchased while I was in Japan! <3333






arashi maou g-shock limited edition watch
arashi maou g-shock limited edition watch

Maou Original G-SHOCK Limited Edition Watch!!

I had NOOOOO idea such a thing even exist! I was looking at the ‘showcase’ glass cabinet with Johnny’s items and I actually didn’t realize this item due to my unfamiliarity of it until when the shop assistant opened the glass cabinet for me because I wanted to look at these rare Ohno Satoshi’s 3104 solo concert postcards (which btw was freakin’ over 10,000 JPY for 4 pieces of postcards!! DIES.). As I put the over-priced postcards back to where it was, I noticed this box with a black Casio G-SHOCK watch and mindlessly decided to check it out (since the cabinet was open, why not touch everything, right?).

The moment my fingers touched the box, I noticed the word 魔王 printed on the box. THANK GOD MY SUPER LIMITED JAPANESE KNOWLEDGE WAS ABLE TO RECOGNIZE THE KANJI OF ‘MAOU’ ALL THANKS TO EXCESSIVE MAOU FANGIRLING YEARS AGO!!! I was shocked and asked the shop attendant – with my limited Japanese but again, thanks to Arashi variety shows – whether the watch was real. Hahaha, I don’t know why I asked that; probably because I never knew they had such things.

See why it was easily overlooked? It looked so simple and ordinary.. xD The backlight of the watch though was the red letterings of 魔王. Aaamaouzinggg yo!!!!

ANDDDDDDD that’s basically the things that I got from my trip to Japan! I bought Waku-Waku goodies as well but I didn’t take any pictures of that because it was over midnight when I reached my hotel in Tokyo and was already so damn tired.

Til next time :)



5 Jun

I’m freakin’ excited about the new An.An issue featuring Oh-chan. He’s in a bathtub with a white t-shirt on (bummer that), but it still oozes sex and lust nevertheless.. :Q I didn’t order a copy of the mag unfortunately; but if I do it now, it might get thrown away at our local post office parcel checking once it arrived for bringing in borderline porn book albeit him still clothed.. LOL. Maybe I can try to look for it once I’m in Japan?? HEHEHE EXCITEDD :D

Speaking of Japan, our accommodation and most part of our transport arrangement have been booked! YAYYY :D I guess confirming our place to stay less than a month before the actual flight isn’t as bad as our first time to Japan back in 2008 where my sisters returned home for their summer vacation and my younger sis excitedly announced that she had passed her A Level exams and begged our parents to let her go to Japan. Me and my older sister decided to tag along, of course.. lol. Anyway that time, we bought our flight tickets for the 3 of us the next day after our mom’s (reluctant) approval but the departure date was 6 days later! xD Planned to stay for a week but because it was so last minute, there was no seat left for our planned return date so we extended our stay to 10 days. Heck, it was crazy fun! xD

Another good thing is I also just got my dream phone today!!

The S3 was finally available in our country yesterday!! (or the day before?) I couldn’t sleep last night and somehow I ended up purchasing the phone at midnight after some thoughts.. Got a text this morning from the shop that the stock was ready for me and boy, was I excited!!! xD Problem now I haven’t got any casing/cover for it yet so I can’t use it this week :( It’s time to replace my ol’ phone anyway, it keeps dropping calls for no reason and it’s starting to annoy me.. Sighh.

Anywehhh, I look forward to 17th June, not only because it’s Nino’s birthday and Waku Waku Gakkou event, but it’s also another public holiday… so rejoice! Rejoice! No work on Monday!! :DDD



23 Oct



My new preciousss! :D

23 May

I have a new laptop, I have a new laptop! My own PERSONAL laptop~ :DDD Final-fucking-ly!! I’ve been wanting to get one for over a year now xD

My colleague got it for me in Singapore since she was telling me that there are lots of sale there at the moment. So I gave her a grand and told her to get me a laptop, and she got me one for S$700! Freakin’ cheap(er) than in my country; that’s like half the price! However, I just came to realise the spec didn’t really meet what I require but what the heck~ I’m happy that I have a new baby :)

Meet………………………… Matsupon!

He’s shiny, pretty and elegant. Just like our Matsujun xD

Gahhhh I’m sooo happy, I can’t wait to accessorize my laptop! Now, it’s time for me to get a table in my room.. And more cabinets! More money leaving my wallet than coming in.. T^T

Oh, just wanna add a picture of Sora. This was from this morning. She usually meows in front of my door every morning to wake me up (weekdays and non-weekdays, I doubt she can tell when I don’t work) but this time she’s outside on the balcony, spying on morning birds. I took this from outside my window cos she looked adorable trying to get the bird but it’s too far away.. xD


Facebook: Is this real or is it a fantasy!?

3 Apr

I don’t go on Facebook that much so I was surprised to see this (image below) on Mr Sinann Cheah‘s wall today when I was stalking through his FB *cough* for more of his latest cartoons as I have missed a lot of the cartoons in the Borneo Bulletin nowadays due to work and vacation last month.. :(

I had to scroll back up to see if I had read that line correctly..! And when I realised it really was my blog, my first reaction was:


I thought I had unconsciously self-promoted the blog link on Mr Cheah’s wall in my sleep or something because I really didn’t remember doing it while I was awake. But when I realised it wasn’t made by me but Mr Sinann Cheah himself, my second reaction went pretty much like these…:

Typical reactions of a fangirl, huh? LOLL.

So…. :)

Dear Mr S.C., thank you so much for putting the link to my humble blog up in your FB~! (#^.^#) I’m sorry there’s not much for your many fans to read about your amazing work from that post I made, but thank you anyway because it made my day.. (*^▽^*)

Best regards,

I was gonna post about my Korea trip but after this amazing discovery on FB, I guess that has to wait a little bit longer.. loll xD


And another Christmas gift? xD

27 Dec

I came to work this morning with a pounding headache from my lack of sleep last night and found this on my desk! A Christmas gift from one of the company I work with~ :D Came last week but I was on leave then and just return to work today.

It’s my first time receiving a gift so I’m really excited.. loll. It’s a leather-bound yearly organizer book which is pretty osm :) One year of working and I have a gift ^^ Yayy!

BTW that Milo drinks are totally mine. LOL!


Doubutsu Uranai

4 Dec

I tried Doubutsu Uranai (Animal Fortune Telling) just like the one in the latest HnA episode because I’m curious about what I would get… So apparently, my results told me this:

You are Red Koala who is cheerful and happy person.
You are friendly to every one, but at the same time, you are a person who doesn’t want to lose, and are strong person.
You also have a very emotional side, and can not turn down favors.
You act like a big sister to every body.
You are a type of person who takes things too seriously.
You can get heated up on something, yet can quickly lose interest.
You are very sensitive to trends, but have a tendency not being able to use that advantage.
You are very passionate and emotional person.
You have lots of likes and dislikes.
You tend to act on emotional spur than by reason, and can be very nervous.
You also worry great deal, and therefore sometimes end up not being able to exhibit your talent.
You have natural instinct, and are good negotiator.
You will say things in straight forward manner, and although you tend to be a rational person, people often misunderstand you as being selfish.
This is because your ideas cover too wide aspect, and do not know where to stop.
To use this unique talent, you should find someone who is wise enough to understand and realize you.
He will lead you and draw out your talent to its greatest.
You should always try to train mentally and physically.
If you can make use of your personal interest, you may find a side of yourself, you didn’t realize before.
After marriage, you will keep the house secure for your husband, and at the same time keep your own career.

I have to say that some points are right but some are not so true..

And truthfully, it’s not as fun when you do this alone.. :( loll.


3 Nov
Up to 1150 KB/sec download speed~ <3

This is one of the (few) reasons why I like working in a telco’s (subsidiary) company… Sometimes, on good days, my file download speed flies sky high! :D Especially very convenient when I only have less than 10 minutes before the end of office hours.. Heh :P