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29 Jun


Half a year gone and I’m just finally about to post something. Hehe. Remember about my dead laptop? I tried to reformat it after SO long yesterday and succeeded! I danced my happy dance but slow Internet is still slow. Today, I went once my laptop again and got the blue screen of death – thriceee! I’m convinced that something is wrong – hardware-wise – but I’m not bothered to send it for fixing yet.

Anyways, happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak to all Muslims worldwide! Let’s take this opportunity to strive to become a better Muslim in this month of mercy.

Let’s chat for a bit now, shall we? :)

I’m here to announce that my page won’t be as Arashi-centric as it used to be any longer. Would you believe that I haven’t watched any Arashi show since November 2013?? Yep, thanks to my work (I did mention that I got a new job last year, right?). I, however, got swept away by the hallyu wave or whatever its called from watching Running Man last year’s December.

That’s right! I’m finally watching Running Man – and was I addicted! Definitely some stress-zapper!

Then last Feb 2014, I fractured my pinky finger from a stupid activity that I had to go to appointed by my boss. Good thing was I was given 45 days off from work because of my injury!! :DDDD The last time I had any sort of leave for rest/vacation was in December 2012. I worked my ass off throughout 2013 (boohoo) and 2014’s February, I finally had a LONGGGGGG deserving break, albeit it was actually medical leave. HEHE. I got two metal pins drilled into my finger because the bone was snapped in half yo. Fun times in the emergency operation room.

Had my FIRST vacation after almost 1.5 years to Melbourne! T’was right after my birthday in April. I missed traveling ;__;

Anyhooo, back to Arashi, I’ve stopped purchasing their singles and merchandise (The last one was from LOVE tour). I still got their album and DVDs cos I’d like to think that I’m still loyal to them hehe.

New love, Park YooChun. Pretty man, I tell ya, but my sis said he looks like Sho-kun. Haha.

Forgive me for hotlinking but my useless laptop has no image editing program nao besides Paint ;_;

Well now, I’m not sure what’s my page gonna end up as but I try to update whenever I could though I think it’s gonna be even more boring now.. LOLL.

Ciao ciao! xxx


2 Jun

Me loves loves lovessss Endless Game!! Noticeably, based on the post topic above, especially at the part that goes “Warning, warning, warning, warning”. LOLL

Have you gaiz watched Arashi’s performance in MS? Sho-kun and his bangsss. Aiba-kun and his shiny shoes. Junpon needs a new haircut just because I love him more with shorter hair haha. Nino-kun wearing just a normal T-shirt underneath the blazer, why whyyyy. Annnnd lastly there’s Mr Ohno Satoshi and his perfection in singing and dancing, stealing my heart all over again. Srsly how could you find a RL boyfriend when Arashi exists??? ;___; I’d make some gifs of it if I could but my laptop is dead now and I’m using my sister’s laptop atm and she has no PS.

Unfortunately though, this time around I didn’t get the “Endless Game” CDs :( I have broken my continuous record of getting every single’s CD since “Believe” in 2009! :(( Truthfully, I missed the pre-order for EG last time and 6 hours later when I remembered to check the site, the pre-order has closed. So I took it as a “its-not-meant-to-be” thingy hahaha. But there’s also the truer truth…. I was broke. LOLL. I’d rather eat junk food in the past just to have extra money for my fandom but this time around, my real life has caught up to me telling me there’s nooooooooo way my Arashi stuff would be able to pay for my daily expenses now. I have a house to pay, bills to pay, cats to feed, more mouths to feed (my sibs and aunt staying with me atm), clothes to buy, shoes to get, food to eat, friends and family to treat, make-up…. Gosh!! I’m just starting to use proper make-up now because my new job demands me to look good when meeting people and I have noooo idea how to put on makeup!!!

Can I talk about make-up today? Please let me.

At this stage, I wonder how the heck do people managed to paint their faces and look SOOO pretty??? The moment I dab some eyeshadow on my lids, I end up looking like I’ve smashed some color pallets on my eyes area.. Why so devastating, huhh?! T^T All these while, my ‘make-up’ tools are only BB cream and a pencil eyeliner for my bottom lash line. I rarely use mascara cos washing that off is a painnnn cos my mascara is waterproof, otherwise I’d end up looking like I had cried black tears after 5 minutes putting them on. I have lipstick but my lips are cracked so lipstick doesn’t look good on my lips. I have lipgloss but putting that on makes me look like I have saliva on me lips! I have a blusher though I seldom use that too cos one cheek tends to look redder than the other thanks to my skillz. My gel eyeliner has dried up hahaha that costly tub has ended up useless now. -___- My liquid liner is rarely used cos I have monolids and the thick amount of eyeliner I have to draw on my eyes are just so tiring! Not forgetting removing that waterproof, smudgeproof eyeliner off is another pain.. See? I’m either super unskilled at makeup or just super lazy.

But now I’m beginning to start practising the art of painting oneself’s face and hopefully I’d be good at it by Eid this August TEEHEE. Although I’m still baffled by how someone managed to look so nice and fresh by 6PM since morning.. :/ My skin shines bright like a diamond by 9AM!! >:(

Anywayyy I should stop talking bout my issues. Haha. I’m starting my new job tomorrow and eeeeep, so nervous!!!! All the best to me and last but not least, where in ze world the first half of the year has gone!?!?!??!?!?! ‘A’



Have you guys watched Ironman 3?

29 Apr

I was entertained with Ironman 3 despite having never completed watching Ironman 2 (I tried watching that thrice and kept falling asleep). Well, we went to watch Ironman 3 last Friday with the sibs and I had to stop eating my popcorn when the trailers before the movie have started and told my brother to finish it up “since a guy needs to eat more than a girl should”.. lol. But the excitement was caused more by the fact that I haven’t been in the cinema for quite a while rather than because I was anticipating Ironman 3.. xD

Speaking of popcornnnnnn (yeah, that sentence up there was intentional HAHA) I’ve picked up my DVD Saturday morning! :D Not just that, I’ve got another small package of Arashi collectibles waiting for me at the Post Office as well :)

One from CDJapan (DVD and CDs) and the other from Canada (aaaaall the way from the other part of the world via UN-registered mail ^_^;;)

I got myself the limited edition of Arashi Popcorn DVD and I basically loved the packaging. I haven’t seen the RE of the DVD and now intrigued to know if there’s anyone out there have who have posted pictures of the RE.. :/
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Hello 2013!!

1 Jan

明けましておめでとう!!! Happy New Year!!!

To kick off my new year, on this very first day of the new 2013, I would like to announce that I am in love with a ‘girl’.

Please meet my girl-crush, Ohno Satoko:

ohno satoshi i love you
Pic not mine btw.

If I can’t get Ohno Satoshi, then in all seriousness this Ohno Satoko can fill the gap in my heart which was meant for him…

(… But come to think of it, this is subjected to change if there’s an appearance of Sakurai Shoko, Matsumoto Junko, Ninomiya Kazuko or Aiba Masako).


Arashi’s “Popcorn” CD

3 Nov

I just managed to find time to unwrap my copy of Arashi’s Popcorn LE CD today :)

arashi popcorn le

My major disappointment was there is not a single picture of Arashi WITHOUT the popcorn head and costume. I didn’t get the RE this time and I know JE always puts the best cover for the RE CD than LE CD to trap fans into getting both; but this time RE and LE photo shoots difference are so wide which I didn’t expect it to go that far!!

Arashi with the popcorn heads are cute, yes; but them in regular clothing for the RE looked so much cooler.. :(

But I was surprised there’s some stickers included in the extra comic booklet about Arashi members as Corn guys from Corn country. The cartoons are cute! :D

As for the songs, I haven’t done with listening to all of them yet. I can say I love the first track “Welcome to our party”! ^^ “Face Down” and “Wild at Heart” are still under my favorite tracks~ I’ve listened to Jun’s solo “We wanna funk, we need a funk” and as I haven’t actually seen the lyrics translation yet, I assume the meaning of ‘funk’ is referring to the music genre. I just learned that apparently ‘funk’ used as a verb means a state of depression, fear or panic.. LOL. So putting the lyrics aside, it’s kinda catchy too IMO. Ohno’s solo kinda disappoint me once again. “two”‘s melody reminded me of “Take Me Faraway” somehow but the song as an entirety is less awesome.. :/ But I’ve listened to them all once so my opinion might change again.

I was about to get to Aiba’s solo but then I had to stop cos I was listening to the CD in my car and I have reached home. xD

Random note, but here’s a picture of my (or Sora’s to be exact) babies; Mia and Zou, 8 months old now. I sometimes call Mia “Princess” since she’s the only female sib out of 3 and she lovesssss when her fur coat is being brushed that she would actually move to your lap and sit there (regardless if you’re a family member or stranger), sometimes turning to her side so you can brush her easily.. SO CUTEEE <3 Zou is slightly bigger than the others and is the noisiest attention-seeker cat! He meows all the time! You look at him, he meows; you stand up, he meows; you sit quietly, he still meows; you burp, he meows. But only around me or my family members, otherwise he's a scaredy cat — no pun intended xD

mia zou


Come soon, Arashi’s “Popcorn”~ <3

14 Oct

This seriously magnified my excitement ten times fold. I can’t wait to see this baby flying!! :DD

arashi popcorn jal


AraFes goodies!

17 Sep

(Been trying to load WP for the last 15 minutes or so.. Maigahh, what’s up with the blardeh Internet????!)

For Arashi Festival (AraFes) at Kokuritsu this year, fans get to wear the colour of Arashi’s sixth member — Orange! :DD I honestly tend to look orange-r when I wear orange, IDK why, but I don’t remember Arashi has used Orange as for the main colour for their concert tours so it’s cool. I just wish Nino still had his blonde hair cos I’d love to see how he’d look like in an orange t-shirt.. xD

(Disclaimer: Pictures are not mine!!!)

Tote bag!
arashi tote bag

Group poster!
arafes poster

Wrist band!
arafes wrist band
arafes wrist band

Mini towel!

Group jumbo uchiwa!
arafes uchiwa

Badge set!
arafes badge set

Clear file!
clearfile arafes


Hooded towel!


Far view of the goods booth..

I’m not getting the poster this time and now I’m wondering if I made the wrong decision.. They look beautiful~ ;A;
I am a little disappointed with the hooded towel cos it looks dull (maybe it’s the grey) and I can say by far Scene hooded towel (the blue one) is still my fav ^^
The badges are adorbs although I would prefer 2 out of 3 to be pictures rather than texts.. But that’s just my preference haha.
I’m pleased with the thin size of the penlight! I’d love to see how it lights up in real light; whether the colour is just orange or if it changes etc.. I saw comments that some find this item ugly though.. :/
Other than that, the T-shirt is my absolute favorite one among others!!

What is your favorite??? :DDD



4 Aug

This is too cute! The blue bird has decided on the winner~ xD

sho nino waku waku blue bird


FULL ‘Face Down’ PV is already OUT!! D:

5 May

I need to wait an hour for my download to complete. Damn you, TB, gimme my FTTH already so I can enjoy faster connection! D:<

BRB gaiz!


My thoughts?

arashi face down pv

Ohno-kun and Sho-kun in the PV are UNFFF!! If only Matsujun had his new short hair here.. /okineedtostopthat

Speaking of short hair, let’s not forget about last night’s “Face Down” performance in MSta.. :D

That dance before the Sakurap made me wish that I was the floor they were dancing on!! I’m sure it wasn’t just me, many others were probably feeling that way too.. xD


Oh my heart…. <3


Arashi as of May 2012

3 May

Look who’s sporting a new hair cut..? :D

matsujun short hair

MATSUJUN WITH SHORT HAIR!!! My prayer has been answered — although I still find the other short haircut he had last year cuter.. But I haven’t seen Jun with dyed hair for quite a while~

Even Aiba-chan was mesmerised..

junba matsujun short hair

But by the end of the video, my eyes were still mostly focused on Ohno.. Fufufu~ <3


OK, I need to sleep.