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My first JLPT experience flashback

31 Jan

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but last year I decided to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) for the first time. It’s held at our country once a year, every December. I registered for the JLPT in September 2012 sort of spontaneously; the same kind of spontaneity like when I realised how I ended up in an operating table a few years ago for Lasik surgery.. Lol!

Let me tell you a story of my first JLPT exam whether you’d like to read it or not.. HEHE xD
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FACE DOWN CDs and Beautiful World DVDs

26 May

They are finally here ;____;

arashi beautiful world dvd face down cd cover
RE on the left and LE on the right

In my excitement, I accidentally bought both version of the BW DVDs and also have them all shipped together when I was making the order, hence my FD singles have just finally landed here.. No worries about that though. I mean the latter.

This morning I decided to look at Face Down photo shops. Oh goodness, I shouldn’t have.. >A<; I’m off to my sewing class in a bit so hopefully the temptation to get the 50 pieces of the photos will go away when I reach home. Gosh, I really need to save up!!

The things that pretty much will eat my wallet are:

a) new mobile phone (I’m eyeing the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s gonna be over $1,000..! D: I need to replace my slow, cheap phone which has been acting up like a brat. And if I do get that S3 phone, then I’d be breaching my belief of any mobile phone over $700 is not worth buying.. But GDI, S3 looks so foine~ :Q)

b) a sewing machine (I put aside $1,000 for this. I checked out the price online and it’s about US$250 or less, but then again when I called up the nearest reseller which was in Miri, they never have that model (yet). I want no other model so I might ask the reseller to ship in that model for me so now I’m not sure how much it would be.. :/ I NEED A SEWING MACHINE! I LOVE SEWING!! ;A;)

c) Japan trip in July (Rail pass and accommodation haven’t been booked yet. OH. MY. GOD.)

Hmm, definitely no room for FD photo shops in my wallet.


Happy Teacher’s Day, BN!

23 Sep

It’s the nation’s Teacher’s Day today in my country. Just thought I’d make a post dedicating this very special day to my dad and mom, who are both teachers! ♡ Well, my dad is supposed to be a retiree but his best friend, a principal of a private school, decided to hire my dad to be a teacher at the school and since Dad gets bored easily at home (he actually made a small HOUSE in our backyard to breed worms for worm composts within a month soon after he retired!!), he decided to take up on the job! :D Mama, on the other hand, was a teacher, a deputy principal, then a head mistress (principal) and now, my mom is the Education Officer for my home district :)

My younger sister, Nasu, who has just graduated Uni is now following my parents’ footsteps into becoming a dedicated teacher. She’s now teaching in the same school as my dad (Dad decided to tell the principal there last month that his daughter/my sister could fill up the job vacancy that they had at that time which made Nasu went, “but I just got back from the UK!!!!!!! D:”) . Anyway, she’s gonna be a great teacher one day once her experience builds up.. :) Now she’s just semi-awesome, haha. Last two weeks when I went home for the weekend, the first thing Nasu said to me with a blank expression was, “Kang (one of my many home nicknames), I wanna strangle my students..” instead of greeting me home.. LOLL! But of course she didn’t mean what she said.. xD

Sooooo, Happy Teacher’s Day to all teachers in BND, especially to my parents who are the greatest teachers in the world and my sister Nasu who’s on the path of becoming an amazing teacher! :) Only the Almighty Allah can reward you for all your time, effort and knowledge contributions to the nation’s future generations! Aminn.



16 Apr

Tomorrow, Sunday 17th April is my 24th birthday. I had to pause for a while to recall how old I actually am.. loll. So the days before my birthday have been really stressful, hectic and more unhappy moments than good times. I’m quite sad that this is the condition that I’m leaving my last day of my 23rd year behind.. :(

That aside, last night I went to have dinner out with the guys from work since they’ve been really hard-working and most importantly, supportive during my stressful times. I prolly kinda spoil the atmosphere because I didn’t eat much and on more than a few times, I nearly ended up crying because I couldn’t stop thinking about the mess I’m facing at work although I hoped they didn’t realised me being teary-eyed…

Anyway, we were nearly done with our dinner when the infamous Wu Chun of the Taiwanese group, Fahrenheit, entered the restaurant and walked straight to the cashier to pay for his take-aways. The good thing about living in Brunei is you have the chance to bump into almost anyone due to the small population xD But well, despite me living just a few doors away from his house, this was the first time I saw Wu Chun in real life. He is really good-looking, I have to admit that..

So I told the guys that Wu Chun is pretty good-looking and boy, how I regretted saying that in front of one of my guy engineer friends because he almost stood up to approach Wu Chun and said it to him!!! Panic striken by it, I managed to pull him back to his seat. But UNFORTUNATELY for us, our table was right close to the door so Wu Chun would definitely had to walk pass our table to leave.. And when he neared to exit, this damn guy friend of ours called out Wu Chun and said, “Hey Wu Chun, my friend here *points at me* would like to take a picture with you..”. I NEARLY DIEDD OF HEART ATTACK!! Wu Chun turned to us when he realised his name was called out, and looked at me since my friend was pointing at me -___-;, and said, “Okay, let’s do it outside :)”. I was too embarrassed and panicked so I just looked back at Wu Chun and shook my head profusely, hoping that he realised that my guy friend was just talking crazy! loll. So he left, and my guy friend was like, “WHAT!? WHYY???!! THAT WAS YOUR CHANCE TO TAKE PICTURE WITH WU CHUN!!” and I only went, “I ONLY SAID HE’S GOOD LOOKING. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT OMGGG THAT WAS EMBARRASSING!! >A< DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN, YOU NEARLY RUINED MY LIFEE!! "

Nevertheless, my mood improved so much after that and we had a good laugh about it. Wu Chun is apparently really outgoing and friendly :) I think I am slightly liking him as a fangirl… xDD loll.

Anyway I've been REALLYYYY busy with work these few weeks..! I'm not enjoying this current project I was given either.. I hope things will get better soon though, Insya-Allah. I'm going to Thann Spa tomorrow to de-stress since it’s my birthday too so I thought I should pamper myself despite the work madness even though I'm pretty sure that I'll end up all stressed again the next Monday morning.. lol.


Donating for Miyagi Earthquake/Tsunami [03.11.11]

14 Mar

For all the kind souls who’d like to help raise funds for the recent disaster in Japan, you may do so here:

Or for Arashi fans who’d like to join the fundraising event the Arashi style, you can go check out arashi_on where you can buy/sell “services” such as fanfics, graphics, subs, etc. or go to the ‘garage sale’ version instead where you can buy/sell Arashi goods or anything at all where all proceeds will go to the fundraising’s paypal account :)

If you’d like to donate without buying or selling anything, you can do so by sending money to arashi.fundraising@gmail.com via PayPal :)

I’ll be doing my deed too! We may not be Japanese, but we are still humans and we are still ‘family’..


Pray for the World

11 Mar

I read the news around half an hour after the first big Earthquake hit Japan today. I saw pictures, and I was watching the news live from streaming videos ever since I got back from work.

Not only Japan, neighbouring countries are/will also be affected by the incoming tsunamis as a result of the earthquake as warned.

I am praying for the World.

Fuck those twats who are only concerned about their idols and sit back & relax once they knew their biases were safe and those who have been complaining about flooding their fb/twitter/tumblr with these “Japan quake and tsunami shits”. Fuck you.

RL Declaration?

16 Feb

I suddenly remembered the past, back during the final days of our third year in Uni. It was really, really late at night, and it was probably cold too although it was supposed to be summer but knowing UK weather, summer is just a word.. It was probably some time in June or July, just weeks away from our graduation day.

Filah was about to go home to Brunei and she was sad that we wouldn’t be together the next academic year when she returned to UK for her fourth year because unlike her who’s doing her Masters and would be there for 4 years, we would all be be over with our Degree and graduate soon. Her taxi came for her three-hour ride to London, and we were hugging and saying our goodbyes, probably shedding some tears too.. Although we could still meet up in Brunei but still, we had spent 3 years together and the next year we wouldn’t be around, so it still felt like a goodbye.. Filah was hugging Azimah I think, or was it Nida Ul? Saying “I love you~” and I was close by to my two friends watching them hugging and I suddenly overcame with emotions and went to suddenly hug them both, crying “I love you guys too!!”

My other friends laughed at my reaction. I guess that made the mood brightened a little so that was good. We waved Filah goodbye until her taxi was no longer in sight before the whole group of us, my Uni friends, set off to walk away to spend another night together…

Why I am even talking about this? I guess I really miss my Uni friends.. They have helped me go through the tough times back when I was in Uni. I was constantly sick, stressed and very, very depressed; and when I think back of those times, I always feel appreciate for them sticking by my side and taking care of me.

They are part of the reason why I am a stronger person today and for that, I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much.

Waney, Aro, Nida Ul, Zatz, Azimah, Filah, Ayu, Majj, Shukri, Renee; May Allah return your kind deeds a thousand times more. Amin.

I’ll be updating some time this week :) I hope I’ll find the time to rant some more! xxx

I need a free body massage

17 Jan

Yeahh, too broke atm to even pay for a body massage service.. xD God I’m soooo tired! I’m mentally drained which is the worst kind of exhaustion, imo.

I’m STILL hoping for my days to get better this new year :\ I’m pissed rn that I still haven’t received my package from HK. My bloody coats and jackets for my vacation this March are in thereee!! ;A; I reallyreallyREALLYYYYYY pray that they have it somewhere in their post office branch and just forgot to send it to my home address in KB.. :((

Seriously, B’nei post service here sucks so fcuking bad! I’m scared to even mail out a card, fearing that it won’t reach to its destination.. Yeahh, I’ve had bad experiences with them. I really miss UK’s awesome post service :(

Now another package is coming my way from HK and I better receive that next week! My damn boots for the vacation are in there!! That and my coats/jackets package; they better have it by then!! Fcuk man, how can these people lose my EXPRESS posts, with tracking numbers some more!??!

Sighh, I haven’t had the brightest days since…. last year? :(

Happy thoughts, Amy. Think happy thoughts….

Anyway, I’ve been discharged from my compulsory eye check-up appointments last Friday. Yayy! :) According to the doctor, my “reborn” vision has stabilized and have gone back to normal. Now sunlight or any lights in general won’t kill my pupils as they nearly did the first early months after my eye surgery last year :) I hope that my vision will stay this way for over 10 years to come!

I also got a badminton racket today :D

The top one is mine; the pink one below is my colleague’s cos she’s the best female player.

I started playing badminton early last month then suddenly got dragged into joining the internal badminton tournament just because. I’m ranked the third btw..! Out of three players. LOL! Yeahh I got the last place (female category) which doesn’t really suck so bad cos I know I would fail at it anyways (haven’t played badminton in YEARS!). 12 people joining and only 3 of us are females :) All of us got a badminton racket each except of course, the best players get more “expensive” rackets plus badminton bags. When I got this prize, I texted my dad and asked him what colour he wanted out of three; red (Taufik Hidayat), yellow (Lee Chong Wei) and white (Peter Gade) — and he said yellow. Yep, I’m planning to give my dad my racket prize (even though I don’t have one) because I’m an awesome daughter and I love my dad <3

Can’t wait to make my dad happy! ^^

BTW, I’ve also been busy reading Gantz manga nowadays because I’m crushed that I won’t be able to watch Nino’s Gantz movie in the local theaters.. :( I HATE gore, killing and stuff so this manga makes my guts twist :( (plus the character drawings isn’t urmm my taste). BUT although I hate the violence and stuff, I still can’t stop reading it because the manga storyline itself is SOOO good! Now I understand why it’s really popular..

Ahh, I have so many more to say about my Arashi, but maybe I should end the post here and make a new one next time.. Tomorrow probably? Or days later. IDK. I’ll try :)

Til then, I wanna start my first episode of Minami-kun no Koibito drama. I’m addicted to Nino’s acting atm.. xD

Babai xxx

Protected: 明けましておめでとうございます!

1 Jan

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I shall tell you my Wish…

25 Dec

I found this;


and this:

Now dear Santa, please send me the poster print-outs of the following pictures I’ve just shown you..


BTW, I’m waiting for the download of last night’s Arashi medley in MSSL to complete so I’ll probably be making a flail post of last night’s performance in a few hours.. Hee.

And lastly, to those who are celebrating, I’d like to wish you a…


Matsujun’s style, bitch! xD