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2 Jun

Me loves loves lovessss Endless Game!! Noticeably, based on the post topic above, especially at the part that goes “Warning, warning, warning, warning”. LOLL

Have you gaiz watched Arashi’s performance in MS? Sho-kun and his bangsss. Aiba-kun and his shiny shoes. Junpon needs a new haircut just because I love him more with shorter hair haha. Nino-kun wearing just a normal T-shirt underneath the blazer, why whyyyy. Annnnd lastly there’s Mr Ohno Satoshi and his perfection in singing and dancing, stealing my heart all over again. Srsly how could you find a RL boyfriend when Arashi exists??? ;___; I’d make some gifs of it if I could but my laptop is dead now and I’m using my sister’s laptop atm and she has no PS.

Unfortunately though, this time around I didn’t get the “Endless Game” CDs :( I have broken my continuous record of getting every single’s CD since “Believe” in 2009! :(( Truthfully, I missed the pre-order for EG last time and 6 hours later when I remembered to check the site, the pre-order has closed. So I took it as a “its-not-meant-to-be” thingy hahaha. But there’s also the truer truth…. I was broke. LOLL. I’d rather eat junk food in the past just to have extra money for my fandom but this time around, my real life has caught up to me telling me there’s nooooooooo way my Arashi stuff would be able to pay for my daily expenses now. I have a house to pay, bills to pay, cats to feed, more mouths to feed (my sibs and aunt staying with me atm), clothes to buy, shoes to get, food to eat, friends and family to treat, make-up…. Gosh!! I’m just starting to use proper make-up now because my new job demands me to look good when meeting people and I have noooo idea how to put on makeup!!!

Can I talk about make-up today? Please let me.

At this stage, I wonder how the heck do people managed to paint their faces and look SOOO pretty??? The moment I dab some eyeshadow on my lids, I end up looking like I’ve smashed some color pallets on my eyes area.. Why so devastating, huhh?! T^T All these while, my ‘make-up’ tools are only BB cream and a pencil eyeliner for my bottom lash line. I rarely use mascara cos washing that off is a painnnn cos my mascara is waterproof, otherwise I’d end up looking like I had cried black tears after 5 minutes putting them on. I have lipstick but my lips are cracked so lipstick doesn’t look good on my lips. I have lipgloss but putting that on makes me look like I have saliva on me lips! I have a blusher though I seldom use that too cos one cheek tends to look redder than the other thanks to my skillz. My gel eyeliner has dried up hahaha that costly tub has ended up useless now. -___- My liquid liner is rarely used cos I have monolids and the thick amount of eyeliner I have to draw on my eyes are just so tiring! Not forgetting removing that waterproof, smudgeproof eyeliner off is another pain.. See? I’m either super unskilled at makeup or just super lazy.

But now I’m beginning to start practising the art of painting oneself’s face and hopefully I’d be good at it by Eid this August TEEHEE. Although I’m still baffled by how someone managed to look so nice and fresh by 6PM since morning.. :/ My skin shines bright like a diamond by 9AM!! >:(

Anywayyy I should stop talking bout my issues. Haha. I’m starting my new job tomorrow and eeeeep, so nervous!!!! All the best to me and last but not least, where in ze world the first half of the year has gone!?!?!??!?!?! ‘A’



Where have I been…?

20 Oct
    CNBlue’s “In My Head” has been, well.. in my head since last week xD I don’t know them that well (I mean compared to Arashi), but I love CNBlue! <3 I know them for quite a while now – maybe around 3-4 months? LOL.

    Lemme rant a bit here; although Yonghwa has single eyelids, I really love his eyes and IDK why. I usually tend to find people with double eyelids more good-looking because being a human being, I tend to find trait(s) of other people that I do not possess more attractive.. (I have monolids since I’m half Chinese although I’m the only one amongst us 5 siblings who have single eyelids T____T but not saying that I HATE my eyes though haha).. Anyway, as my friend had once said, “Just looking at Yonghwa’s eyes, they can make you pregnant!” LOLL

    I’ve just watched NazoDi a while ago and it’s not so bad :) I love this scene:
    nazodi sho butler with tie
    A butler-disguising-as-a-cleaner with his tie is too adorbs! Don’t you think? xDD
    I’ve also been gone cos work has been hogging most of my time. It got really stressful on some days to the point that I was thinking of finding another job but then I considered some more and didn’t think it would be a good idea. All jobs have their downsides, right? And all jobs have at least that one annoying person you feel like strangling.. And who knows, maybe the current job would actually be better than the new job? All I have to do is to keep reminding myself to see the positive sides of the difficult situation I were in and tell myself that, “This will pass…..” cos it will.

Tomorrow is Fridayyyy and I’m looking forward to play badminton as I’ve got most of my work done already (YAYY!) and let’s hope there won’t be any more work problems appearing for the time being. FINGERS CROSSED! And Saturday morning, I’ll go pick up my Arashi goodies at the post office :D They’ve been left there for almost a month! >.<



16 Apr

Tomorrow, Sunday 17th April is my 24th birthday. I had to pause for a while to recall how old I actually am.. loll. So the days before my birthday have been really stressful, hectic and more unhappy moments than good times. I’m quite sad that this is the condition that I’m leaving my last day of my 23rd year behind.. :(

That aside, last night I went to have dinner out with the guys from work since they’ve been really hard-working and most importantly, supportive during my stressful times. I prolly kinda spoil the atmosphere because I didn’t eat much and on more than a few times, I nearly ended up crying because I couldn’t stop thinking about the mess I’m facing at work although I hoped they didn’t realised me being teary-eyed…

Anyway, we were nearly done with our dinner when the infamous Wu Chun of the Taiwanese group, Fahrenheit, entered the restaurant and walked straight to the cashier to pay for his take-aways. The good thing about living in Brunei is you have the chance to bump into almost anyone due to the small population xD But well, despite me living just a few doors away from his house, this was the first time I saw Wu Chun in real life. He is really good-looking, I have to admit that..

So I told the guys that Wu Chun is pretty good-looking and boy, how I regretted saying that in front of one of my guy engineer friends because he almost stood up to approach Wu Chun and said it to him!!! Panic striken by it, I managed to pull him back to his seat. But UNFORTUNATELY for us, our table was right close to the door so Wu Chun would definitely had to walk pass our table to leave.. And when he neared to exit, this damn guy friend of ours called out Wu Chun and said, “Hey Wu Chun, my friend here *points at me* would like to take a picture with you..”. I NEARLY DIEDD OF HEART ATTACK!! Wu Chun turned to us when he realised his name was called out, and looked at me since my friend was pointing at me -___-;, and said, “Okay, let’s do it outside :)”. I was too embarrassed and panicked so I just looked back at Wu Chun and shook my head profusely, hoping that he realised that my guy friend was just talking crazy! loll. So he left, and my guy friend was like, “WHAT!? WHYY???!! THAT WAS YOUR CHANCE TO TAKE PICTURE WITH WU CHUN!!” and I only went, “I ONLY SAID HE’S GOOD LOOKING. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SAY THAT OMGGG THAT WAS EMBARRASSING!! >A< DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN, YOU NEARLY RUINED MY LIFEE!! "

Nevertheless, my mood improved so much after that and we had a good laugh about it. Wu Chun is apparently really outgoing and friendly :) I think I am slightly liking him as a fangirl… xDD loll.

Anyway I've been REALLYYYY busy with work these few weeks..! I'm not enjoying this current project I was given either.. I hope things will get better soon though, Insya-Allah. I'm going to Thann Spa tomorrow to de-stress since it’s my birthday too so I thought I should pamper myself despite the work madness even though I'm pretty sure that I'll end up all stressed again the next Monday morning.. lol.


Tadaima! :)

28 Mar

Ahn yeong~!

I reached home from my vacation in South Korea on Friday a couple of days ago. Now it’s Monday and I have work this morning. Totally unmotivated to do work! -__-; I opened my work email account and saw nearly 200 new emails to be read and that’s in less than a week while I was gone! I’ve read some so far and well, I got pissed off half way because this jerk just.. pisses me off all the fcuking time!

Anyway, I’ll update with my stories, or better, pictures, from my trip in South Korea. It was fun!!! I didn’t wanna go back albeit it was more or less 0 C there..

I will be back! :) xx

Snippets of my life (Dec ’10 – early Feb ’11)

5 Feb

I thought I’d make a post using images of random moments in RL that I took a picture of from my phone.. :)

I applied for a Post Office Box (P.O. Box) service at the Post Office near where I work. I went to check my P.O. Box on Tuesday for the first time and I was excited when I see some parcel notes in there! :D Went again today hoping to see my Gantz book is here, but it was empty :( I hope it’ll arrive next week!


It was raining heavily last night and I tried to take a photo of the view from my balcony but I took quite some time playing around with my phone camera trying to take a picture properly in the dark that by the time I realised, the rain nearly stopped.. =__=;


I’m a fan of the cartoon created by a Singaporean, Cheah Sinann, called Billy and Saltie. These cartoons are published in our local BB newspaper from Monday – Saturday and almost everyone in my office knows how much I love Billy & Saltie~ :D One day, I read in BB that he has published a book but it didn’t stated where I could get it in Brunei so I went to his website and emailed him about it. Bought it straight from the author itself and he was also kind enough to autograph it! It surely did make me really happy :)


billy & saltie
From a page of the Billy & Saltie book.. I LOL’d. Like, really really LAUGHED OUT LOUD. I’m sure if I show it to the guys whom I work(ed) with, they’d just go “You are so easily amused..”. Which I think I probably am! xD


This was on 1st February, just recently. I finished my work, made copies of the proposals and burn the documents into the CDs. The moment I had these things taken away from my hands, it felt like I could just drop to the cold, tiled hard floor, fall asleep and not wake up until 3 days later. I was SO goddamn exhausted working on them!!


Right after my work submission, I asked to be excused from work during working hours (it was 2PM) so I could get some lunch because I was FAMISHED! I called my sister who happened to be in BSB and we had lunch together. I saw this van driving past with its back door wide open from our restaurant’s glass wall so I quickly snapped a photo of it, IDK why.


This was some time in late January when I was busy with the Carnival (where I met my latest crush as mentioned in the previous post :P). I returned home after 2AM, woke up again at 8AM still goddamn tired and not showered from the night before (I went straight to bed after I got home; couldn’t even bother to clean myself up anymore) and complained to my sister about my work. I decided to not go to the office that morning and we went out to have breakfast together since I didn’t have any dinner the night before at work. Anyways, I had to work again later that day until 9PM and I got home to find a gift voucher for a 2 1/2 hour massage/facial/reflexology/IDEK in my room..! (my sister already returned to KB when I was gone so she wasn’t there). She knows my body cannot be forced with too much stressed so she hoped this treatment at Thann Spa would de-stress me! :) I absolutely love my sister SFM.


Just a picture of my adorable Sora watching Arashi’s ‘Let Me Down’ concert performance with me this afternoon :)


And today, I’m back at home in KB for the weekend! FINALLY!! I miss my parents and family so much.


31 Jan


I’m sooooo exhausted from working overtime for weeks now.. I can’t wait for February where I hope things will slow down a little.. I have decided to take NINE DAMN DAYS OFF this mid-Feb! I’ll spend those days rolling around in bed and rot..

Good thing about working for this event though (which ended less than 3 hours ago) is that, I found my new crush! :D

Can I talk about my little love story here, please!!? :DD

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Arashi 10-11 Stadium Concert DVD is ON ITS WAYYY

24 Jan

Was planning to update last weekend then I had to work overtime on Saturday and had an unplanned meet-up with my girlfriends on both days so I didn’t have any time :(

Me and my girlfriends from Uni went to watch this Malaysian horror movie called “Khurafah” in cinema last Saturday night and because it was soooo popular here, we only managed to get tickets for the last screening at 11.40pm. Yeah, that’s almost midnight 0__0;

My review? I have never screamed sooo LOUD in a cinema before. Me and my friend were holding holds so tight, if the theater lights were turned on, our hands were probably white. My friend also had to hand me a tissue cos I was crying a bit from being scared. LOLL! I’d recommend the movie to everyone cos it was pretty good although there were also some moments left “hanging”, but otherwise, 9 out of 10 :)


I got an email from CDJapan informing that they had just shipped my Arashi concert photobook this morning. ‘Cos I just got my own P.O.Box last week, and it’s closer to where I live now and where I work, I thought I’d change my shipping address from my hometown address in KB (where I almost always go home to every weekend) to my new P.O. Box address in BSB for my existing pre-orders, i.e. my Kokuritsu Concert DVD and my Lotus CDs.. Started to compose an email for the friendly CDJapan customer service staff about this and got distracted a bit along the way as usual — when I suddenly got another email notification from CDJapan again.

-___-|| My slow fingers are slowww. Looks like I’ll have to go back to my KB home this weekend to retrieve my parcel from the post office.

But I managed to change the shipping address for my Lotus pre-orders to my P.O. Box in BSB so all is good :)

I’ve also been veeeerrryyyyyyyyyyyyy busy with work for the past few weeks so I haven’t been able to post or update much. The release of the DVD also didn’t get me all excited because I was swarmed with work ;___; It’s good though, I don’t come across DVD spoilers that much online and especially from Tumblr! Things will slow down starting next week I hope, so I’ll go crazy with my DVD and updates by then.

‘Til that time comes, ja ne~! xxx

Protected: 明けましておめでとうございます!

1 Jan

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And another Christmas gift? xD

27 Dec

I came to work this morning with a pounding headache from my lack of sleep last night and found this on my desk! A Christmas gift from one of the company I work with~ :D Came last week but I was on leave then and just return to work today.

It’s my first time receiving a gift so I’m really excited.. loll. It’s a leather-bound yearly organizer book which is pretty osm :) One year of working and I have a gift ^^ Yayy!

BTW that Milo drinks are totally mine. LOL!



3 Nov
Up to 1150 KB/sec download speed~ <3

This is one of the (few) reasons why I like working in a telco’s (subsidiary) company… Sometimes, on good days, my file download speed flies sky high! :D Especially very convenient when I only have less than 10 minutes before the end of office hours.. Heh :P