Hello, world!

22 Feb

Hiiiiiiiiiii guys! … or umm, anyone?

I just bought a laptop!!! YES, previous posts on dying laptop from years ago eventually led me to getting a new one last couple of weeks.

Miraculously I managed to login my WP in one try and this message popped up:


Has it really been 7 years or is WP trying to trick me into getting excited so that I would be more active in WP? loll.

Anyway I’ll be back soon. Probably just ranting on nonsense and life whatevers.

Here for Arashi? Sorry to say but I don’t follow Arashi anymore. My Arashi-fangirl phase has gone but I still have tonnes of their merchandise/collections with me. I did get myself their concert DVD (non-LE *gasp*) last year when my sister happened to be in Japan and I couldn’t think of anything for her to get me 😂😂 That was my latest purchase; and I haven’t even watched it yet.

I’m still kinda do fangirl-hopping sometimes but more to Koreans now..? Currently in love with Gong Yoo, thanks to the k-drama Goblin. He’s my type of man!! Let’s see how long this will survive. (Usually lasts a couple of months, max)

See you gaiz soon? Happy #nbd33 to my beloved country tomorrow! 😍🇧🇳😍🇧🇳

Oh, hi 2016!

15 Jan

Gyeaaahhh! I am back dusting spider webs off this poor neglected page of mine. I’m using my workplace’s laptop btw. Yes, I still have not fixed my old laptop nor bought a new one.

All’s good though.

Arashi, hello! *looks at page header*

FYI I am no longer an avid Arashick fan. I have long not watched any Arashi shows. Although I did actually take a look of how Arashi members are like now, out of curiosity, like a week or two ago on Youtube. Man, I forgot how hard it was to watch a legit Arashi PV there; most videos are either covers or modified or edited or cut or so many years old. JE is still being a bitch about sharing the love after all these years?? lol.

Anyhooo, I caught snippets of Arashi’s TV show which apparently was aired some time in mid 2015? That’s quite recent for me as I haven’t been updated with the fandom since 2013-2014. The Arashi topic somewhat popped up when I was talking to my sister and I was wondering how they looked like nowadays.. Have they aged? Do they have some sort of new swanky hair style now?

So I watched the short video of Arashi and I was again convinced that these guys were dipped in the fountain of eternal youth!! They still looked the same like they were 3 years ago hahahaha it’s bloody insane!!!! Ohno is still the confused ‘old man’, Nino still shoots snarky remarks, Aiba’s still the child, the guests still chose Sho as the intelligent one and Matsujun as the dependable one. Nothing has changed! N-O-T-H-I-N-G! They still look the same. They still act the same. And that is all good.

As a person who once loved Arashi with pure sincerity, I wish Arashi to remain go-nin for many more good years to come :)

Moving on now. I’m here cos I missed blogging. Kind of. Work has been meh so I think now I’m looking for an outlet to release my work stress. Personal life update; I’m still not a millionaire. I still have no diamond ring. I’m still the crazy cat lady of my 8 felines. I still haven’t built a time machine. I’m still a travel junkie with insufficient fund and work leave.

Speaking of the latter, I will be flying off to Singapore end of this month for a well-deserved break after a continuous, exhausting work since November 2015. Well my flight was supposed to be today but it had to be postponed due to an (annoying) issue which directly affected the MAIN purpose of why I was flying there in the first place. But let’s keep that to myself first until it’s all sorted out and confirmed, shall we? :) Pray for me that things will go well cos I can’t seem to shrug off my bad luck this year too, hmm.

Can’t wait to share the news! I’m excited about this upcoming thing! It’s like my past experience with lasik surgery all over again or when I got my wisdom tooth extracted. Weird comparisons, I know, but it’s all about spontaneity as well ;)

Will update if there’s good news. Au revoir! xxx


29 Jun


Half a year gone and I’m just finally about to post something. Hehe. Remember about my dead laptop? I tried to reformat it after SO long yesterday and succeeded! I danced my happy dance but slow Internet is still slow. Today, I went once my laptop again and got the blue screen of death – thriceee! I’m convinced that something is wrong – hardware-wise – but I’m not bothered to send it for fixing yet.

Anyways, happy Ramadhan al-Mubarak to all Muslims worldwide! Let’s take this opportunity to strive to become a better Muslim in this month of mercy.

Let’s chat for a bit now, shall we? :)

I’m here to announce that my page won’t be as Arashi-centric as it used to be any longer. Would you believe that I haven’t watched any Arashi show since November 2013?? Yep, thanks to my work (I did mention that I got a new job last year, right?). I, however, got swept away by the hallyu wave or whatever its called from watching Running Man last year’s December.

That’s right! I’m finally watching Running Man – and was I addicted! Definitely some stress-zapper!

Then last Feb 2014, I fractured my pinky finger from a stupid activity that I had to go to appointed by my boss. Good thing was I was given 45 days off from work because of my injury!! :DDDD The last time I had any sort of leave for rest/vacation was in December 2012. I worked my ass off throughout 2013 (boohoo) and 2014’s February, I finally had a LONGGGGGG deserving break, albeit it was actually medical leave. HEHE. I got two metal pins drilled into my finger because the bone was snapped in half yo. Fun times in the emergency operation room.

Had my FIRST vacation after almost 1.5 years to Melbourne! T’was right after my birthday in April. I missed traveling ;__;

Anyhooo, back to Arashi, I’ve stopped purchasing their singles and merchandise (The last one was from LOVE tour). I still got their album and DVDs cos I’d like to think that I’m still loyal to them hehe.

New love, Park YooChun. Pretty man, I tell ya, but my sis said he looks like Sho-kun. Haha.

Forgive me for hotlinking but my useless laptop has no image editing program nao besides Paint ;_;

Well now, I’m not sure what’s my page gonna end up as but I try to update whenever I could though I think it’s gonna be even more boring now.. LOLL.

Ciao ciao! xxx


I’m a happy bookworm!

18 Aug

I'm a happy bookworm!

New books! Bought unplanned as I was actually heading to the pharmacy store but surprisingly it was closed so my legs brought me to the bookstore instead. Spent about 45 minutes in the small shop and ended up with these two books in hand.

Work stress made me spent my already-depleting money! >:-( I have no idea what I’m getting!

Anyhoo, typing this post out from my phone cos my laptop’s still dead. Hee.


2 Jun

Me loves loves lovessss Endless Game!! Noticeably, based on the post topic above, especially at the part that goes “Warning, warning, warning, warning”. LOLL

Have you gaiz watched Arashi’s performance in MS? Sho-kun and his bangsss. Aiba-kun and his shiny shoes. Junpon needs a new haircut just because I love him more with shorter hair haha. Nino-kun wearing just a normal T-shirt underneath the blazer, why whyyyy. Annnnd lastly there’s Mr Ohno Satoshi and his perfection in singing and dancing, stealing my heart all over again. Srsly how could you find a RL boyfriend when Arashi exists??? ;___; I’d make some gifs of it if I could but my laptop is dead now and I’m using my sister’s laptop atm and she has no PS.

Unfortunately though, this time around I didn’t get the “Endless Game” CDs :( I have broken my continuous record of getting every single’s CD since “Believe” in 2009! :(( Truthfully, I missed the pre-order for EG last time and 6 hours later when I remembered to check the site, the pre-order has closed. So I took it as a “its-not-meant-to-be” thingy hahaha. But there’s also the truer truth…. I was broke. LOLL. I’d rather eat junk food in the past just to have extra money for my fandom but this time around, my real life has caught up to me telling me there’s nooooooooo way my Arashi stuff would be able to pay for my daily expenses now. I have a house to pay, bills to pay, cats to feed, more mouths to feed (my sibs and aunt staying with me atm), clothes to buy, shoes to get, food to eat, friends and family to treat, make-up…. Gosh!! I’m just starting to use proper make-up now because my new job demands me to look good when meeting people and I have noooo idea how to put on makeup!!!

Can I talk about make-up today? Please let me.

At this stage, I wonder how the heck do people managed to paint their faces and look SOOO pretty??? The moment I dab some eyeshadow on my lids, I end up looking like I’ve smashed some color pallets on my eyes area.. Why so devastating, huhh?! T^T All these while, my ‘make-up’ tools are only BB cream and a pencil eyeliner for my bottom lash line. I rarely use mascara cos washing that off is a painnnn cos my mascara is waterproof, otherwise I’d end up looking like I had cried black tears after 5 minutes putting them on. I have lipstick but my lips are cracked so lipstick doesn’t look good on my lips. I have lipgloss but putting that on makes me look like I have saliva on me lips! I have a blusher though I seldom use that too cos one cheek tends to look redder than the other thanks to my skillz. My gel eyeliner has dried up hahaha that costly tub has ended up useless now. -___- My liquid liner is rarely used cos I have monolids and the thick amount of eyeliner I have to draw on my eyes are just so tiring! Not forgetting removing that waterproof, smudgeproof eyeliner off is another pain.. See? I’m either super unskilled at makeup or just super lazy.

But now I’m beginning to start practising the art of painting oneself’s face and hopefully I’d be good at it by Eid this August TEEHEE. Although I’m still baffled by how someone managed to look so nice and fresh by 6PM since morning.. :/ My skin shines bright like a diamond by 9AM!! >:(

Anywayyy I should stop talking bout my issues. Haha. I’m starting my new job tomorrow and eeeeep, so nervous!!!! All the best to me and last but not least, where in ze world the first half of the year has gone!?!?!??!?!?! ‘A’



Have you guys watched Ironman 3?

29 Apr

I was entertained with Ironman 3 despite having never completed watching Ironman 2 (I tried watching that thrice and kept falling asleep). Well, we went to watch Ironman 3 last Friday with the sibs and I had to stop eating my popcorn when the trailers before the movie have started and told my brother to finish it up “since a guy needs to eat more than a girl should”.. lol. But the excitement was caused more by the fact that I haven’t been in the cinema for quite a while rather than because I was anticipating Ironman 3.. xD

Speaking of popcornnnnnn (yeah, that sentence up there was intentional HAHA) I’ve picked up my DVD Saturday morning! :D Not just that, I’ve got another small package of Arashi collectibles waiting for me at the Post Office as well :)

One from CDJapan (DVD and CDs) and the other from Canada (aaaaall the way from the other part of the world via UN-registered mail ^_^;;)

I got myself the limited edition of Arashi Popcorn DVD and I basically loved the packaging. I haven’t seen the RE of the DVD and now intrigued to know if there’s anyone out there have who have posted pictures of the RE.. :/
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16 Apr


I have been seriously neglecting this page of mine!! xD

*brushes some dust off the page*

Annnnnnyyyyhooo, I’ve returned for a bit! Things in RL, or more specifically — at work, have been quite rough and unkind to me. One point early in the year I was hit with a dilemma which questioned the financial survivability of where I was working due to the orders and demands of them ‘big shots’ up there and their new so-called future company directions which were affecting most lots of us.. I got pretty depressed and deeply unmotivated for a period there with what seemed to me like a bleak future short ahead if it goes the way it was going but thankfully putting my faith in God has allowed me to stay strong and believe in what has been planned by the Almighty. Humans plan their lives but Allah is the best of planner and Alhamdulillah, I have been offered a new job somewhere else last month!! :DD

I am very saddened that I will leave some of my colleagues who have been really kind to me though, but all things in this world will eventually come to an end.. :'( I’m quite nervous about starting at this new place as well but I don’t wanna think about it yet. HEHE.

I’ve also been busy with other things; like on February 1st, my cat Mia gave birth to four beautiful kittens! One died a week later though. So now I have three energetic kittens bouncing around and all over the place and scratching my poor sofa in the living room to a disastrous extent that my mom threatened to give my kittens away… ;A; All in all, my cat family has grown to 8! :DD

Other than that, I still go to sewing class once a week. I’m still working on the same outfit I started in January this month.. LOLL. It’s almost done once I connect them blardeh sleeves :/ I’ve been busy reading books as well, fiction and non-fiction. Now I do alternate reading between two books – after abandoning one other.. Hehe. If you must know, I’m reading the third book of Game of Thrones. Reading one book takes me over a month!! Haha. I also crave travelling but fortunately I am financially challenged to do that.. xD Nevertheless, many other things have been falling nicely into places once more, Alhamdulillah, and that’s what really matters~ :)

Fandom-wise, I’m still into Arashi! Waiting for my Popcorn DVD to arrive next weeeeek and I will probably return here flailing about it. Who knows? xD I also just bought the latest ONE OK ROCK album as well after I got hooked with its single “The Beginning” and after checking out some of their other vids. Gosh, the vocalist has beautiful english pronounciation for a Japanese right there, I am IMPRESSED!! :D Apparently he was an ex-NewS (JE) member but he was kicked out..? :/ Well good that he’s back singing though, albeit in a rock band, cos his voice is so fooooinneeeeee~

Hmmmm.. whut else?

Ohh I’ve started playing this mobile phone game app “Little Empire”! If you’re an Android user and plays it as well, let me knowwwwwwww!! :D I won’t be able to play with iOS users though due to the different servers for these two different OS platform -__-

Haha man I’ve been talking empty but it feels good to be typing here again!

Last but not least, tomorrow’s my birthday! OHOHOHOHOHOHO. My age will shift from the mid-mark of the 20’s. Time to find an Ohno Satoshi for me to marry soon cos my grandma has been nagging me about it!! >.<;


My first JLPT experience flashback

31 Jan

So I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but last year I decided to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) for the first time. It’s held at our country once a year, every December. I registered for the JLPT in September 2012 sort of spontaneously; the same kind of spontaneity like when I realised how I ended up in an operating table a few years ago for Lasik surgery.. Lol!

Let me tell you a story of my first JLPT exam whether you’d like to read it or not.. HEHE xD
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Hello 2013!!

1 Jan

明けましておめでとう!!! Happy New Year!!!

To kick off my new year, on this very first day of the new 2013, I would like to announce that I am in love with a ‘girl’.

Please meet my girl-crush, Ohno Satoko:

ohno satoshi i love you
Pic not mine btw.

If I can’t get Ohno Satoshi, then in all seriousness this Ohno Satoko can fill the gap in my heart which was meant for him…

(… But come to think of it, this is subjected to change if there’s an appearance of Sakurai Shoko, Matsumoto Junko, Ninomiya Kazuko or Aiba Masako).


Bye-bye 2012!

29 Dec

Mayan doomsday; been there, done that.

Hope everyone is well :) My cough which started during my vacation in Bandung, then moving on to Jakarta and finally back to my home country, has entered its second week. It’s definitely not something that I planned to take with me as a souvenir.. :( Well it’s not as bad as it was probably 2-3 days ago now, but then again you never know with me still trying to fight the strong urge to eat chocolates and popcorn here.. My craving for Royce Nama Chocolates is always known to appear at improper timing, like when I’m in the period of not supposed to consume them due to sickness or health control, or when I needed to restrain myself from spending more money due to short-term survival issue (these chocs are priceyy at $15/box >.<).

Must. Stay. Strong!!

I am hereeee to announce to the world that my Arafes DVD has arrived!! :DD Much like everyone else who had ordered 'em, I bet.. xD The DVD was shipped on 25th, arrived at my country on 27th and you know what? When I checked on the EMS tracking website, the status said "Absence. Attempted delivery." and the location was at the POST OFFICE!!! How could there be NOBODY in the freakin' Post Office to collect these deliveries on a WORKING DAY????

Buuuut this 27th Dec was the payday for especially the Government servants and every December's payday is also "Bonus Day" whereby the annual financial incentives are also released so I thought everyone was prolly out of their office to stand in the long queue at the ATM machines and banks nationwide. I don't have Bonus Day this month unfortunately as our Bonus Day is in May. We people who don't celebrate Bonus Day, especially single ones like me hoho, tend to stay in their houses until these shopping and spending craze outside calms down ^_^;

Back to Arafes DVD, can I say that I loveeeee the packaging of it?? Pictures that I took are stitched below :)

The Arafes DVD LE is packed like a gift box instead of just the usual DVD case! When you open it, then you’ll get the DVD case and the booklet under it. I almost overlooked the booklet because it was plain orange if you only merely glance at it unless you happen to stand under a light. The front book cover is transparent-like (there’s a word for it but I forgot what it is but it’s like Pic 3 above xD). I’m happy to say that the booklet is pretty thick, with lyrics included and pictures of the boys from the concert but the book binding would make scanning a pain (at least for me who lacks patience, hehe).

Although it’s the weekend, I’m actually on stand-by today in case my engineer needs me for work :( Soooo I guess I can only watch the DVD on Tuesday during New Year public holiday. Hopefully…. :s


So I guess this post pretty much just talked about nothing of anyone’s interest and that my Arafes DVD is here. HAHAHA.

Well before I go, let me share a couple of pics (among others) that made me happy this month~ :D

My mom bought this for me when in Jakarta! :D My palms were glued to the glass display when I saw these bookset but I was broke then so my mom said she’d pay this for me instead (prolly because she feared I would moan and sob endlessly at night and days to come for regretting not getting these babies — which could have been true! xD). MOTHERS ARE THE BEST!! <33 I LOVEEEE GAME OF THRONESSS! I've watched the HBO series and loved it sfm!! I found out about the books but never seen it anywhere before so when I saw these books then — and the complete set some more, I nearly cried of joy ;___;

This was today! :D I went into my favorite shoe boutique this morning to check out some flats and while waiting for the nice shop assistant to bring out my shoe choice of my size, I saw this bag and fell in loveeee with it. It doesn’t look outstanding but you know what they say, “love is blind” :P This is probably my second favorite bag after my other bag that’s shaped like a treasure chest which I bought in Japan few months back ^^ I have tonnes of bags though, I have this bad habit of buying bags regardless of whether I actually need them. If I were broke then, I’d take out my credit card without hesitating. See, that’s bad :/

Now to end this ’empty’ post content-wise, I’d just like to thank everyone whom I’ve prolly wasted their time for making them read posts about my life by prolly fooling them into thinking “Ah, an Arashi post!”. LOLL. Bigger thanks to those who’d still visit my page nevertheless! :D I’m talking like I’ve won an award here haha but I’m in a good mood now because there are some strangers who’ve lifted my mood today with their kind gestures and kind words :)) I said thank you then, and I’m saying thank you now.

Happy New Year, guys! Hope the new year will be a better one :))